Avaya & Gartner Predict How We’ll Work in 2028

What WILL work look like 10 years from now?

Avaya & Gartner Predict How We’ll Work in 2028

The world of work as we know it is changing at a rapid pace. Today, concepts like remote working, virtual assistants in the office, IoT, and countless others mean that the standard 9-to-5 office job is quickly going extinct.

According to “The Future of Jobs,” a report issued by the World Economic Forum, around 44% of business leaders and HR executives around the world consider changing work environments to be the biggest driver of change across any industry. As we look ahead into the next ten years, it’s safe to say that we’re about to see a world of work, unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Leading communications company, Avaya, and analyst experts Gartner came together to discuss the transforming business world, and what we can expect to change by 2028.

What’s Next for the World of Work?

According to both Avaya and Gartner, the next decade is likely to revolve around the growing connections between machines, artificial intelligence, and humanity. Smart technology is increasingly augmenting the abilities of the average human worker, supporting greater productivity, while simultaneously raising questions about what kind of roles will be left for people in the years to come.

The recent Gartner and Avaya report suggest that the digital component in many jobs will begin to accelerate in the years to come, putting a higher premium on things like digital dexterity in the workforce, and the ability to use new technologies to support better business outcomes. Gartner and Avaya believe that digital businesses, consumer behavior, and social evolution will lead to 6 critical considerations for any organisation to consider:

  • Work-life balance challenges will emerge in the workforce
  • Passion and purpose must be priorities for employees
  • Smart machines will be part of the team
  • Extreme work choice will blur the lines around businesses
  • Employee digital dexterity and upskilling will begin to outweigh experience
  • “We Working” will remove the need for middle management

Preparing for the Future of Work

The Gartner and Avaya research offers advice to business leaders and CIOs on how they can prepare for the ever-changing environment in the workplace. Gartner and Avaya based their assumptions on discussions with hundreds of clients, as well as primary and secondary research, and informal surveys with Gartner analysts around the world.

The research suggests that CIOs hoping to master the changes in the modern workforce over the next decade will need to:

  • Be more “daring”: Leaders may need to take unconventional approaches to business to thrive in an ever-changing environment
  • Create a scenario for “We Working”: Gartner and Avaya believe that companies need to assume that people will enter and exit their workforce through constantly-changing networks of people
  • Prepare for the combination of tech and people: Leaders need to investigate the increasing demand for smart software, AI, and robots, and how each of these things will invigorate their work strategy
  • Build messages that resonate: Purpose, passion, and balance will continue to emerge as essential parts of the business message

Go here to check out the Avaya and Gartner research for yourself.


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