Biamp Conference Rooms are Certified by Zoom

Rebekah Carter

Zoom certifies Biamp Room Solutions

Biamp Conference Rooms are Certified by Zoom

Leading provider of networked media systems, Biamp, recently announced a new achievement. The leading video conferencing provider, Zoom, has certified two Zoom Rooms conferencing bundles by Biamp. These certified solutions promise users an extensive solution for exceptional audio in medium and large Zoom Rooms.

The two bundles come with Parle Beamtracking microphone technology for the ceiling, along with various pieces of audio equipment to assist with building an outstanding meeting experience. Superior sound quality is delivered with minimal cable clutter.

The new certified bundles for Zoom Rooms will give users access to an extraordinary audio experience, paired with the peace of mind that comes with knowing these systems will integrate seamlessly and simply with the Zoom platform.

A Sensational Zoom Audio Experience

Executive VP for Corporate Development at Biamp, Joe Andrulis, said that the comprehensive bundles will simplify the path to better meetings for organisations. Companies can now enjoy a seamless experience when purchasing and installing technology for amazing communications.

Biamp’s new bundles certified for Zoom Rooms give customers the option of a complete solution that extends beyond excellent audio. Within each bundle, installers benefit from simple system deployment, and fantastic configuration, made possible by seamless integrations with each Biamp component, and minimal cable requirements with no networking setup, and zero termination.

The bundles allow for easy room deployment, so integrators don’t even need to open the included software solution unless they want to. Integrators and tech teams can save significant time here. What’s more, the forward-thinking technology paves the way for better meetings. Perle microphones offer patented beam tracking to assist with dynamically tracking and mixing conversations around the room.

Biamp technology helps to make customer conversations feel crisp and clear, even in a range of meeting room spaces. Ty Buell, the PSO Solutions Architect at Zoom says that the certified Zoom Rooms collections from Biamp offer combined client’s access to a full audio ecosystem, and a much simpler path to enjoying amazing high-quality audio experiences, with easy installation and absolute integration confidence.

Excellent Zoom Room Experiences

The two bundles currently available from Biamp are form mid-sized and large Zoom Rooms. These kits come with access to a TesiraFORTE VT4 system for signal processing, as well as Tesira EX-UBT, and TesiraCONNECT. There’s also a set of Parle ceiling microphones included for the appropriate room size, and Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers.

The Zoom certified bundles also come with access to Biamp’s PoE amplifiers, featuring Burst Mode technology. Users will get all the necessary mounting equipment and accessories they need to finish the installation quickly. According to Biamp, the packages are perfect for helping companies to access digitally transformative technologies with elegant designs, and easy integration.



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