BlueJeans Delivers Interactive Video Livestreaming

Rebekah Carter

New Livestreaming opportunities from BlueJeans

BlueJeans Delivers Interactive Video Livestreaming

BlueJeans, a modern cloud workspace creator, recently revealed the latest generation of the BlueJeans event streaming platform. The updated solution provides upgrades to everything from user experience to security. Offering immersive video interactivity and state-of-the-art controls for large presentations and training events, the new BlueJeans solution enables organisations to host up to 15,000 participants without the need for a download.

Now that ongoing employee engagement is crucial to driving business growth, BlueJeans believes that their video events experience will be critical. Around 46% of BlueJeans customers recently said that they had a negative experience with their last all-hands solution. The respondents also said that their old system failed to engage employees. BlueJeans Events is intended to solve that problem by activating and inspiring teams in any company.

One company, GrubHub has already experienced a high-quality level of engagement through BlueJeans Events that they could access with their previous solution.

Exploring the BlueJeans Events Experience

The BlueJeans team notes that one of the common reasons companies use BlueJeans Events today is to help senior leadership keep the business up-to-date with all-hands meetings. In the past, global participation was hampered by language barriers. However, through a partnership with Interprefy, BlueJeans can offer real-time translation as part of BlueJeans Events. Additionally, to further optimise the experience, BlueJeans includes Dolby Voice built-in for crystal-clear audio and high-level noise reduction.

The arrival of the new HTML video player also means that admins can copy/paste the HTML code for upcoming events into a business website to ensure that anyone can find the content they need.

BlueJeans also found that many enterprises looking into tech investments struggled to find solutions that integrate with existing systems. According to a TechValidate and BlueJeans survey, 72% of customers reported needing town hall solutions that allow people to join from any device. BlueJeans Events offers a single, interoperable solution that removes the barriers between systems, so it’s easier for people to communicate.

Improving Event Management

Aside from delivering a better experience, BlueJeans has also focused on providing organisers and moderators with more control over their communication experience. Administrators now have double authentication and enhanced security features to access. This means that only people with both the SAML and the invitation link can join an event.

Moderators and organisers can easily create post-event measurement reports using the BlueJeans Engagement Analytics tools. This will offer an insight into audience engagement and retention rates, as well as participation, duration, and focus levels.

According to insights from BlueJeans’ own marketing data,. To reduce the friction between moderators, Events will now include a separate chat window in the dashboard for a moderator-to-moderator private chat. This information will also be included as part of the measurement report post-event.

Now that companies are focusing on embracing more aspects of the digital workplace, it’s crucial that employees have the tools that they need to stay aligned with the rest of their teams. BlueJeans events allows enterprise customers to create and organise events of all types to improve culture and engagement in the company.



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