ClickShare Delivers Wireless Conferencing

Barco expands the ClickShare portfolio

ClickShare Delivers Wireless Conferencing

Global leader in meeting room technology, Barco, recently announced that it will be expanding its popular ClickShare portfolio. The new range of ClickShare solutions will revolutionise conferencing with wireless connectivity and Bring Your Own Meeting tools. Team members will be able to join any video conference from their preferred device, whether in board rooms or huddle rooms.

ClickShare works seamlessly with a wide selection of video conferencing software solutions and hardware. This offering aims to serve a workforce that is in the process of a fundamental transformation, driven by the automation of repetitive tasks and a peak in the freelance economy. Flexible and remote working environments are becoming crucial, and companies need to think carefully about how they can make it easier for people to join meetings.

Transforming the Meeting Environment

Wim De Bruyne

Wim De Bruyne

According to Barco, around 50% of meetings already have remote participants to consider, and 70% of employees can choose the conferencing solutions they prefer. The VP and GM of Meeting Experience for Barco, Wim De Bruyne, said that there are new frictions and challenges to consider in the meeting room environment. ClickShare Conference will allow all meeting participants to access better collaboration in any kind of meeting room.

The ClickShare Conference environment introduces a new kind of Bring Your Own Meeting to reduce the excess pressure on IT departments to support different conferencing tools and person-centric experiences. The solution also comes with access to wireless conferencing access.

The ClickShare Conference system will connect wireless to AV meeting room equipment, combining wireless collaboration with UC. According to Product Management Director of ClickShare, Michael Vanderheeren, ClickShare Conference gives you the choice to use whatever conference tools are best for you. The solution combines cameras, soundbars, and other components in the room for a more immersive experience.

All users need to do is plug the conferencing button into their meeting room, and they can use it with the UC platform of their choice without having to change the fundamental set-up. The power of the new ClickShare system lies in the ability to choose however you want to connect with triple agnostic performance. You can decide how you want to collaborate securely, which device you want to use, and which meeting space you’d like to embrace. All the while, the choice of hardware remains yours too.

Click to Collaborate Simplicity

The brand-new Conferencing Button from ClickShare makes meeting room peripherals instantly available to your laptop. All you need to do is plug the button in and you can share all of the audio and video streams with your meeting room peripherals.

There’s a useful set of interactive features included in the app too. You can share content remotely, pause content, moderate, and even control AV equipment. With the collaboration App, you can connect instantly to a meeting room with presence detection and have immediate access to interactive sharing. It takes less than seven seconds to connect, and the button and app work perfectly together to create a truly intuitive experience, with amazing AV quality.

The new ClickShare Conference range consists of entry-level, mid-level and high-level options. CX-20 is intended for huddle pods and smaller meeting rooms, while CX-30 is for standard meeting rooms. The CX-30 comes with interactive features like touch back support, and annotation. The high-end solution, CX-50, is for larger meeting rooms, with a premium AV experience and excellent IT and AV integrations.

The ClickShare Conference experience fits seamlessly within your network, no matter how you choose to connect. The XMS management dashboard means that you can manage and update units remotely and get access into reports on workplace behaviour. Additionally, all units come with the Barco SmartCare offering, with advanced access to helpdesks and five years of coverage.

According to Senior VP and GM of Enterprise, George Stromeyer, the ClickShare solution will help to inspire, and connect people more efficiently in the workplace. The new ClickShare conference wireless technology will develop understandings between people and improve workplace collaboration by allowing individuals to interact naturally. When this happens, meetings can be transformed, and new opportunities are born.

Throughout history, people have always striven to work more efficiently together. Almost all of the most important interactions in a business happen when people share something – whether it’s a document or an idea. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people to work together when they’re restricted to different environment. The ClickShare Conference system gives everyone the chance to engage in the way that works best for them with total agnostic performance.


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