Custom Consistency: Cisco’s Unified Modular App

Single Platform Advantage delivers all workload through a single integrated application

Custom Consistency: Cisco’s Unified Modular App

As unified communications technology becomes better and better, the challenge for enterprise communications has become one of implementing transformational upgrades to ensure competitiveness, while not disrupting the productivity of existing ecosystems. So when Cisco rolls out a major update, such as that announced at its Partner Summit this week, CIOs sit up and take notice.

The Single Platform Advantage offers edge and hybrid services for ease of integration with present deployments, combined with enterprise-class multi-layer security and compliance — the unified experience for users, of a single application, also facilitates unparalleled admin controls. For every user, a single pane of glass creates seamless and consistent ways of working, whether they’re transitioning between tools like calling, messaging, meeting, devices and contact centre, or from a mobile device to a meeting room.

And the latest cognitive collaboration enhancements incorporate context and intelligence into every interaction, removing friction before it can manifest, and delivering real-time data-driven insight to each conversation — while providing world class analytics on the back end through Webex Control Hub, for unprecedented asset optimisation. The AI-infused operating system “knows” who you are, lets you start your next meeting with your voice, and gives you deep professional information about the people with whom you’re meeting.

Unified but modular: recognisably better

The unified-but-modular mindset means that new functionality feels instantly familiar, and can be smoothly integrated into workflows without disruption. For example, when you join a meeting from Cisco Webex Teams, you’ll now have the same host controls as you’d have from Webex itself — there’s nothing new to learn or have to understand, and you’ll be able to see and take part in the chat, too. Also, we’ve unified the way you see presence—whether your co-workers are busy or free – removing silos in the digital workspace and increasing opportunities for planned and spontaneous interaction and creativity.

Of course, Cisco continues to put calling at the heart of business communications, and the update offers three distinct enhancements:

  • New Webex Edge for Calling solutions deliver a modern unified experience on top of existing PBX (Cisco and 3rd party) investments.Now IT can unify disparate environments and take advantage of Webex cloud services to deliver global dial plans, least-cost routing and centralised services including IVR, voice mail and more organisation-wide.
  • Bring your own carrier — more options for PSTN connectivity directly to the Webex Calling cloud. We’re making it simple and giving you more choices — no local gateway required
  • New Cisco Unified Communication Manager Cloud — managed in the Webex cloud, with all of the UCM features

New hardware too

With the help of customer feedback, Cisco has reimagined video experiences with a host of new intelligent devices too, such as:

  • The Cisco Headset 730: Featuring AI voice technology and smart censor controls with personalisation available through the Cisco app
  • Webex Desk Pro: A desk-based collaboration device designed to offer an instant office experience with advanced Webex facilities on a 4k touch display
  • Webex Room Panorama: An immersive video solution with an adaptable design and small footprint that cuts the boardroom in half and delivers a host of immersive cognitive capabilities

Cisco has even announced the arrival of a Hardware as a Service offering, providing industry-leading collaboration tools with an affordable payment plan for every user. The Hardware-as-a-Service solution aims to make it easier for businesses to refresh their environment and update to the latest room, desktop, and phone devices, both in the cloud and on-premise. For instance, HaaS customers can get a room kit mini for only $75 per month. So everyone can experience the best that Cisco has to offer:

Workplace transformation initiatives can be chaotic – but they don’t have to be,” said Sri Srinivasan, SVP and GM, Team Collaboration Group, Cisco.

“Cisco understands that the CXO’s number one concern is the employee experience. That means that in addition to an easy-to-use app, it is critical to have consistency across all workloads, single pane of glass management, analytics and diagnostics, enterprise-grade security and compliance. The Cisco Collaboration portfolio delivers on all fronts”


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