Cutting Edge Comms: Introducing Cisco Webex Edge

The new communication solutions from Cisco

Cutting Edge Comms: Introducing Cisco Webex Edge

Leading Unified Communications vendor, Cisco, recently announced the arrival of their new Cisco Webex Edge set of services, intended to help companies save on bandwidth and PSTN costs while delivering stronger meeting experiences to the workforce.

As employees continue to spend more time in meetings, using applications, and interacting over the web, the Cisco team believes that their new “Edge” solution will help companies avoid the resource drain associated with PSTN.

Cisco Webex Edge is the only communications service currently available that was built and optimised specifically to support real-time media. Edge comes with a global backbone of technology that was engineered from the ground-up to ensure superior reliability, quality, and security in business communication environment.

The Services Available in Cisco Webex Edge

The architecture of Webex Edge allows companies from any vertical or location to leverage the power of Webex within their own data centres. Users don’t need to do anything differently to integrate with Webex Edge, and they can choose from a range of three services to suit their needs:

  1. Cisco Webex Edge Audio: Designed to transform the way you manage meeting audio; Webex Edge Audio offers mix-and-match approaches to organisations that need more flexibility in their connected audio environment. Users can join conversations from desk phone, mobile phone, or home phone environments, and Edge allows companies to decouple their PSTN from Cisco Webex by intelligently changing the routing strategy to a “deploy on net” pathway
  2. Cisco Webex Edge Connect: The Edge Connect service from Cisco delivers the power of Webex within a company’s data centre through a managed and dedicated QoS-enabled link between Cisco’s backbone and the business premises. The link is hosted on the Equinix cloud exchange and protects meetings from the increasing variability of the internet. Because brands don’t have to worry about traversing the public internet, they’re better protected against threats and possible attacks
  3. Cisco Webex Edge Video Mesh: The Edge Video Mesh service from Cisco was introduced in 2017 as the “Hybrid Media Service.” Now, it’s included within the Webex Edge service too. The solution allows for on-premise video quality, with all the scale and simplicity of a cloud platform. Webex Video Mesh reduces internet bandwidth and lowers latency because media doesn’t have to travel through the cloud and back for a call to be processed. The Mesh service is an extension of the on-premise Webex service, and it automatically updates to ensure that you get the best out of your communication experience

Taking Your Business Communications to the Edge

The Webex Edge solutions from Cisco are designed to help today’s companies take their communication solutions to the next level in a reliable, cost-effective and secure way. Each service comes with its own distinct range of benefits and can be deployed either separately, or as part of a complete package.

Have you tried Webex Edge? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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