Dialed Launches Focusboards for Digital Work

Introducing the first unified digital workspace

Dialed Launches Focusboards for Digital Work

As companies continue to search for the perfect digital work environment, companies are struggling with a constant need to switch back and forth between tools. According to some studies, we’re switching between applications up to 10 times each hour. Jumping from Slack to Trello, to email and other tools makes it difficult to maintain focus on crucial work.

A Colorado-based AI software platform has introduced a new experience to rectify this problem: Dialed.ai. The Dialed.ai platform is a one-of-a-kind software solution that curates and organises email, chat, document, notes, and other applications into a single workspace. This solution promises to simplify the virtual workspace for employees managing multiple tools and accounts.

Simplifying the Workplace

Brad Norris

Brad Norris

According to CEO and Co-Founder of Dialed.ai, Brad Norris, there are thousands of applications in the current workplace environment. Although many of these applications are helpful individually, collectively, they deliver a disjointed and distracting working environment. Dialed.ai helps to integrate work applications for a more unified experience.

The platform curates all of the technology that a business user needs to stay productive and creates Focusboards. These boards are available to organise by project or client. The Focusboards are also platform agnostic. There’s no complicated tech to learn. Instead, knowledge workers can instantly start using any tools they like in a familiar interface.

In a world where employees are wasting crucial time on moving between apps and tools, Dialed’s Focusboards present a powerful solution to a growing problem. The company provides businesses with a way to manage a workplace where constant and reactive communication is everywhere.

Overcoming Business Distractions

Dialed.ai believe that today’s knowledge workers are constantly fighting an uphill battle to get work done. Information overload and app-based distractions are becoming a costly problem for businesses. If you look at all the numbers, according to Norris, the problem costs around $10,000 per employee, per year. That’s around $650 billion lost in the US.

The modern workplace is complicated enough without having to deal with problems like wasted time and the accompanying frustrations that come with switching between endless applications. Dialed.ai notes that the company is already receiving excellent feedback from agencies and freelancers. The focus of the brand is now to continue incorporating and building on the input they receive to enhance the platform further.

Dialed.ai is currently onboarding beta testers, including testing with public relations agencies, and advertising companies. The response from the current users has been extremely positive.


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