Dialpad and Google Play Together with Hangouts Chat Integration

Rebekah Carter

Hangout users now have easy access to Dialpad features

Dialpad and Google Play Together with Hangouts Chat Integration

A company dedicated to simplifying communication for businesses of any shape or size, Dialpad is available on any device and offers a range of unique services, including video, voice, messaging, and meetings services. Recently, the pure-cloud brand for business communications announced that they would be taking their position as a G Suite recommended partner one step further.

Dialpad will be integrating with Google’s Hangouts Chat – a secure collaboration tool designed specifically for G Suite users. The system supports group conversations and direct messages alike. The collaboration with Dialpad should ensure that G Suite users have a new and improved experience when it comes to accessing team communications.

What Does the Dialpad and Hangouts Integration Mean?

By linking Dialpad to G Suite Hangouts Chat, Google will be able to offer users instant access to Dialpad features, including UberConference for collaboration support. The intention is that by bringing both systems together, team conversations and one-on-one meetings can become more streamlined and efficient for G Suite users. Customers will have the opportunity to start live conversations inside of their existing work platforms, which should contribute to the quest for “single pane of glass” productivity.

According to the Vice President of Engineering, and Co-Founder of Dialpad, Brian Peterson, the connection between Dialpad’s technology and the convenience of Hangouts Chat will allow users to seamlessly move between talk and text depending on their individual needs. They’ll also be able to search through G-Suite for files, making workflow more efficient in the everyday office environment. The result could be greater productivity and easier adoption for users involved.

Simplifying the Communication Space

Google has been looking at ways to enhance G Suite and empower users for some time now. The Dialpad integration should mean that customers can merge two services into one, improving the value of both the Google Cloud and the Dialpad portfolio. Users will be able to access UberConference and Dialpad services directly from within Hangouts.

Peterson noted that the integration will become even more innovative as Dialpad begins to take advantage of the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of the Google platform. Because Hangouts is already ready for Enterprise use, it comes with a selection of fantastic functions like easy sign-on, compliance, and security that makes it primed for quick adoption.

Building on a Strong Relationship with Google

CEO and co-founder of Dialpad, Craig Walker

CEO and Co-Founder of Dialpad, Craig Walker

The Dialpad and Google integration comes as a progression in an already powerful relationship between the two companies. For instance, Dialpad was recently chosen to be part of an exclusive group of ISVs given early access to the Google Developer Preview for Hangouts chat. This access allowed the brand to integrate their unique functionality into the Google Cloud Platform for a more immersive cloud communications experience.

Over the years, Dialpad has earned a reputation for quality and performance, helping more than 50,000 companies to make their journey into the cloud. Today, 85% of Dialpad’s customer base has eliminated the desk phone, and the software-only strategy the brand is embracing with the Google Cloud Platform will allow them to build on this initial success.

According to Dialpad CEO, Craig Walker, the integration with Hangouts Chat should allow Dialpad to move their customers further away from the legacy PBX environment. The built-on-the-cloud strategy embraced by Dialpad should ensure that companies of any shape and size have the resources they need to provision and scale their communications platform according to their needs – with voice, video, messaging, and meetings available on any device.

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