Dialpad Launches New UberConference AI Features

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Intelligent meetings just got easier

Dialpad Launches New UberConference AI Features

Dialpad, a market-leader in cloud-native communication platforms, have today announced the arrival of a range of new features to their sensational UberConference solution. Today’s update includes the introduction of improved HD video conferencing, automated transcripts, notes, and action items, all enhanced by Voice Intelligence.

The latest changes to UberConference will give businesses PIN-free collaboration and communication that’s even more effective and intelligent, to drive higher productivity and engagement among employees. According to the CEO of Dialpad, Craig Walker, the real work begins after a team ends the meeting. By improving UberConference with Voice Intelligence, Dialpad is giving businesses the option to immediately review the actionable items in their to-do list and set up clear steps for moving forward. All the while, they get access to a state-of-the-art video platform designed for excellent collaboration.

Making Meetings Smarter on UberConference

Dialpad wants to help workers spend less of their valuable time on administrative tasks like note-taking so that they can focus more on high-value work. The pioneering “Vi” solution (Voice Intelligence) uses speech recognition and natural language processing technology to analyse conversations and deliver detailed transcripts after a call within minutes of a meeting ending. Additionally, users also get automated summaries of the meeting so that they can quickly search through key assignments and takeaways.

UberConference Desktop Screen Share

UberConference Desktop Screen Share

Walker expands upon the specific use case for sales organisations:

“Initial conference calls, multi-person demos and 1:1 discussions are all part of the relationship-building and sales process. Voice Intelligence is now part of that process, offering real-time insights, action items and summaries – all logged and accessible. We know that no one goes back and listens to recordings of calls, but they do need to know who said what and who is following up and how.

“Instead of relying on questionable note taking, we provide everything, including CRM logging, so there are no giant gaps”

“Teams can be more present on calls and takeaways are immediate and actionable, which will change the sales experience on both sides of the line.”

The offering is intended to help businesses and participants save time and money while enabling a more strategic method of working. What’s more, the easy-to-use interface encourages a higher-level of collaboration with both customers and teammates alike, wherever the participants might be. High-quality video combined with an excellent interface makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to discover the benefits of UberConference for themselves. The straightforward interface even comes with one-click screen sharing for a speedier and more productive meeting.

Walker explains:

“We think the future of work is not only being able to work from anywhere and from any device, which we accommodate, but to also do less while working. Our technology allows for single tasking, so users can focus on the conversation, the customer or the prospect and not on digging for information or taking notes.

“Like our other products, UberConference is built to be simple to use and tightly integrated with the tools workers use every day. It offers seamless and quality audio, visual and screen sharing capabilities – all baked-in, natively. With customisable configurations, teams of all sizes and locations can easily connect and collaborate”

According to Walker, UberConference has always been about supporting today’s workers with ease of use and fun meeting features. From customisable hold music to one-click login, UberConference streamlines every stage of the meeting journey.

The Next Stage in Simple Meeting Solutions with All-in-One Pricing

And Walker claims UberConference compares favourably, in terms of value with other solutions on the market:

“The world of telecom can be a nasty one – with hidden fees and surprise charges that add up. At Dialpad, we offer disruptive pricing across all products”

“Our pricing compares favourably seat-by-seat to other providers, but where we differ is in how predictable and inclusive we are.  Where other companies have add-ons, like charging for an assigned number or post-call analysis tacking on an additional $50/month from a third-party vendor, Dialpad is all in. There are no surprises and customers get everything they need in one place.”


Craig Walker

Since it launched in 2012, UberConference has grown in popularity at an incredible pace; offering businesses access to an easy-to-use solution for conferencing and collaboration. Today, the app has more than 2.5 million users worldwide, and delivers a fully-integrated conferencing experience, without the typical pain points usually associated with the meeting room. There are no downloads or PINs required so that anyone can join a meeting in a matter of seconds.

Access to intelligent voice-based features and best-in-class video conferencing will ensure that even more companies can tap into the value that UberConference has to offer when it comes to boosting workplace productivity and performance. The leading Vi technology will come as standard with every UberConference business account going forward.


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