Get More Work Done with Dialpad and Slack

Rebekah Carter

Introducing the new Dialpad integration for Slack

Get More Work Done with Dialpad and Slack

Dialpad has long been a company devoted to making the workplace more efficient and productive. As an innovator in the communications space, Dialpad delivers enterprise-level communication solutions to businesses of all sizes. Now, Dialpad is taking it’s offering to the next level, through an integration with Slack, one of the world leading applications for collaboration.

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, prompted by remote teams, flexible working, and the demand for new applications, the Dialpad, and Slack integration will provide employees with access to a simple way to stay connected and share essential updates on a range of channels.

Why Did Dialpad Decide to Integrate with Slack?

The Dialpad team believes that this new integration is an important one in their evolution roadmap. According to a blog by Dialpad, 90% of organisations are now addressing complicated issues at work that require collaboration. Increasingly, collaboration tools like Slack are becoming a fundamental part of the work environment, and a must-have for better business productivity.

Already, Dialpad integrates with many of the other productivity applications that their customers rely on every day to get work done. Dialpad integrations are available for Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, and even Zendesk. The connection with Slack seems to be a natural step forward for a company committed to offering better business productivity and stronger customer experiences.

What Can You Do with Dialpad and Slack?

With Dialpad and Slack combined, today’s enterprise teams can maintain a consistent communication experience within their Slack environment. In other words, if an employee needs to launch a call to discuss a project or problem with a coworker, they don’t have to switch to another application to do it. Instead, activities all the way from checking missed calls, to listening to voicemails, and even sending text messages are available within Slack through push notifications.

The Dialpad integration with Slack ensures that your business never misses out on any critical communication data, both inside and outside of the work environment. What’s more, integrating Dialpad and Slack is easy. All you need is an existing account with Slack, and a current Dialpad Enterprise or “Pro” account.

Customers can find the Dialpad tool within the Slack app directory, and Dialpad has issued a series of steps that users can follow to enable and enhance the Slack and Dialpad connection. Once your Slack and Dialpad apps are integrated, your team will immediately begin to receive notifications for calls, voicemails, voicemail transcriptions, text messages and more.


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