Google Reveals Workspace Updates at Next ’21

Tom Wright

New security programme, Work Safer, launched

Google Reveals Workspace Updates at Next ’21

Google has revealed new security updates and integrations for its Workspace platform at Google Next ’21.

The firm claimed to now have three billion users on its productivity suite, having opened it up to consumer accounts earlier this year. This came after G Suite was rebranded to Workspace last year.

Javier Soltero, General Manager of Google Workspace, said in a blog post: “We’re excited to see so many users personalize their experience by adding third-party apps or by building their own to create a more powerful engine for productivity and collaboration.

“As we celebrate the more than 5,300 public apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace that provide users with the opportunity to extend their experience, we’re increasing our investment in the underlying platform”

“Developers have been able to build applications that integrate with Gmail, Drive, and Docs for years.

“We’re announcing significant enhancements to the Google Workspace platform by making it just as easy for developers to build applications and integrate with Google Meet, Chat and Spaces.”

Soltero said that Google is launching a new integration with Jira that will let users create tickets from within Chat and Spaces – rather than having to navigate to a different platform. It will also let them monitor the support.

Meanwhile, Google revealed that it is integrating its AppSheet no-code app development platform into Gmail.

Soltero said this will allow users to develop custom apps and automations regardless of their coding skills.

Boost to Security

 Google announced its new Work Safer programme which it says will help organisations and their partners collaborate securely in hybrid working environments.

Work Safer bundles Pixel phones, Workspace, Chrome OS, Chrome hardware and security.

Sunil Potti, General Manager of Google Cloud Security, said: “Legacy productivity tools designed in the PC era were not architected for the new reality of real-time collaboration across a hybrid, highly-distributed and mobile-first workforce.

“With Work Safer, every small business, enterprise and public sector institution can have access to the cutting-edge security protections to make hybrid work safer.”

Security tools include Google’s BeyondCorp zero trust framework, which shifts access controls from a company’s network perimeter to individual devices and users – removing the need for traditional VPNs.

Google has also partnered with two cybersecurity vendors at launch: CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks. These providers will give endpoint and network protection respectively.



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