Highfive Continues to Innovate in UC

Rebekah Carter

Highfive offers affordable multi-platform meetings

Highfive Continues to Innovate in UC

Leading meeting platform and collaboration solution provider, Highfive recently announced numerous updates to its services for today’s modern companies. The brand has introduced both its new Meeting Connector solution for multi-platform conferences, and a new pricing strategy designed to make the technology more affordable too.

The Highfive Meeting Connector is the latest tool in the Highfive portfolio, allowing any Highfive user to directly connect with third-party platforms for video conferencing like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and BlueJeans. This connection tool will remove the barriers to easier meetings in today’s agile environments. The interoperability feature is the first of its kind to appear in the industry and was designed using proprietary technology from the Highfive team.

The Meeting Connector solution leverages WebRTC, SIP interoperability and APIs to enable teams to use the software and hardware that they already rely on for their everyday communications. The Highfive Meeting Connector requires no specialist configurations and can serve as a bridge between various SIP-enabled solutions.

The Next Step in Interoperability

Joe Manuele

Joe Manuele

According to the CEO of Highfive, Joe Manuele, while the video collaboration space has transformed drastically in the last decade, companies still tend to cling to legacy technology and proprietary services. The new Meeting Connector from Highfive aims to let businesses continue using the tools that they like most to communicate and collaborate in an evolving environment.

As businesses continue to migrate to the cloud, and the availability of SIP and WebRTC technologies becomes more widespread, Highfive’s Meeting Connector will give companies a seamless experience for connecting with coworkers, clients, and contractors with a single tap. The Meeting Connector experience was specifically designed for mid-level businesses and enterprises that may need to leverage multiple video platforms across internal and external teams.

Today, corporate meeting rooms are still a critical linchpin in driving the adoption of video meeting facilities in the enterprise, according to Wainhouse Research. WR’s report on the Diverging Paths to the Meeting Rooms highlights that more than four in five respondents to their survey say that their organisation is very interested in cloud-based video, or they’ve integrated it into their system already.

The arrival of the new Meeting Connector solution comes at the same time as Highfive is also announcing an update to their pricing model, to make the technology more available to SMBs and SMEs in the modern landscape. Highfive’s meeting room offers now include access to unlimited user licenses and free mobile apps and desktop software too.

More Affordable Pricing with Highfive

The new and improved Highfive pricing model provides businesses of all sizes with a predictive pricing strategy by removing the costs and complexities associated with managing various user licenses at once. In contrast to other user-based plans on the market, which whitelist individual email addresses and charge for add-ons, Highfive will whitelist all company emails instantly. This ensures that every worker in the business can participate in and host their own video meetings.

The new Highfive pricing model means that everyone benefits from unlimited meetings and minutes, as well as features like screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and recording with no additional cost. There’s also built-in PSTN functionality so that the system can fulfill a complete range of conferencing need.

CEO, Joe Manuele said that most incumbent cloud and desktop conferencing solutions with user-based licensing models don’t translate into the modern conferencing environment. To remove the barrier to entry, Highfive is using its new pricing model to change the status quo for companies of all sizes. The reimagined approach will eliminate the excessive complexity and costs of launching a new meeting room environment in the modern communication landscape.

Highfive was the first brand in the collaboration space to bring the per-room pricing model to life, bundling video, and audio hardware with software to simplify the cost strategy for businesses. Highfive also stood out as the first video conferencing provider to build its stack on WebRTC technology. The company is continuing to set itself apart as a pioneer among collaboration brands with innovative new approaches to pricing and technology today.

According to Manuele, the new pricing plans are aligned to solve the problems that he sees businesses facing every day. Highfive wants to give modern consumers a complexity-free approach to digital transformation.

The new pricing plans from Highfive, and it’s unique approach to cross-platform meetings ensure that more businesses, both large and small will be able to start taking advantage of the benefits that video conferencing on the cloud can offer.


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