Hiver Releases Email Collaboration Platform

New solutions for productivity from Hiver

Hiver Releases Email Collaboration Platform

Hiver, a leading collaboration company that transforms Gmail into a platform for better company connections, recently announced an enhanced version of its email tool. The updated collaboration platform will help teams across companies to manage shared inboxes for sales and support, directly from Gmail. Updates to the new platform include various workflow capabilities that will help users to be more productive and save crucial time.

Currently, over four million companies are using G Suite, but they don’t have a simple way to collaborate over their inboxes. Hiver addresses this issue by giving teams access to the G Suite to manage shared mailboxes from their Gmail environment. Hiver works on top of the Gmail solution so that users don’t have to switch into a new interface. Instead, everyone gets to use the Gmail UI that they’re already familiar with. Onboarding is easy, and there’s no need to disrupt existing workflows. Additionally, Hiver doesn’t store user data and keeps emails within Gmail, making the experience more secure.

What’s New from the Collaboration Platform?

In 2019, Gmail is celebrating its 15th birthday and remains to be one of the most valuable tools in the workplace, with 1.5 billion people worldwide using the tool. The Hiver CEO and co-founder Niraj Rout, said that he is thrilled to advance Gmail collaboration with new features like Views, so teams can work more effectively together.

The platform offers a clean and immersive interface that allows users to manage shared inboxes from a single tab. New enhancements within the platform include:

  • Search within Notes: Notes allow users to notify teammates using @mentions, which eliminate the need for BCCs, CCs, and forwarding in the inbox. Additionally, the internal chat happens right next to the emails that teammates are already discussing. Users can search within the Notes function to find crucial updates with ease
  • Views: The Views feature means that employees can add various filters into their Gmail inbox to reduce information overload and organise their workload based on team and role. This makes the communication experience more personalised
  • Customer satisfaction survey: The new enhancement in customer satisfaction surveying allows company customers to provide feedback about their experience, helping businesses to track their team’s performance and measure their ongoing growth

Exploring the Hiver Platform

The Hiver Platform on Gmail gives teams with shared inboxes an opportunity to assign each email as a task and provide it to workers with a specific status. This leads to greater accountability and transparency and means that Teams can automate tasks like assigning emails from one customer to a particular agent. Hiver’s Notes function allows for an activity log to be maintained next to the email thread, showing who worked on the tasks, what actions were taken and more.

Collision alerts also prevent team members from replying to the same email. Insights into the performance of each worker can also be viewed to determine who is doing well and who needs coaching for extra support.


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