How to Attract and Retain Gen Z Employees with Real Value

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Guest Blog by Anne Marie Ginn, Head of Video Collaboration at Logitech


According to recent research, Gen Z will comprise an enormous 36% of the global workforce by 2020, making it a priority for businesses to understand the different ways in which they work. Born in the mid-to-late 1990s, this new wave of talent has grown up in a world entirely infused with technology. As a result, they are entering the workforce with a new set of requirements and work preferences that promise to shake up corporate environments.

Attracting and maintaining the best talent is a problem faced by many businesses. With a skills shortage across many sectors, including financial services, tech, and engineering, employers are looking for new ways to attract and retain the talent they need. Many have attempted to do so by investing in office perks like pool tables or gaming chairs with the hope of attracting the new wave of talent. However, while these gimmicks may entice people in the short term, they are unlikely to retain them over time. In fact, Gen Z are moving away from these kinds of superficial perks that provide short-term excitement, and opting instead for companies that facilitate a better work-life balance and provide a career with a purpose.  Here are some of the benefits that companies can offer to Gen Z employees to ensure they remain engaged employees.

Facilitate flexible working

Anne-Marie Ginn

Anne-Marie Ginn

Gen-Z has grown up in the era of freelancing and the gig-economy, meaning that many are less likely to pursue traditional corporate roles than the generations before them, in favour of working on the go and outside of traditional working hours. In fact, a recent study found that almost a quarter wouldn’t even accept a job offer which didn’t allow for flexibility.

As a result, companies that insist on maintaining rigid routines and traditional 9-5 work patterns are far less attractive. By creating a more flexible experience, whether with adaptable hours or offering the ability to work from home, companies can attract talent and potentially save money on expensive office space.

Create multi-purpose office spaces that encourage collaboration

Gen Z are accustomed to having unlimited communication at the touch of a button, which means they now see the ability to collaborate, get feedback from colleagues or managers and make decisions as a group as must-haves in the workplace. Offices designed with versatile spaces are a key way to accommodate this. For example, having a range of quiet spaces that encourage concentration, open collaborative spaces and small meeting rooms to call remote colleagues means that employees can work and collaborate in the way which suits them best.

What’s more, some organisations have even invested in pop-up office spaces within their offices, which can be erected as and when a meeting is taking place or to have a private conversation, and then be removed to open the space back up.

Equip the office with the right productivity tools

The design and layout of an office space is very important for fostering collaboration and meeting the demands of Gen Z employees, but having the right tools within the office to enable on-site and remote workers to collaborate effectively should not be overlooked.

Gen Z grew up in an internet-centric society, and have higher expectations when it comes to the sophistication and reliability of technology. Equipping office spaces with quality conferencing software enables seamless communication with remote workers and global clients. Moreover, providing employees with high end computing peripherals that can be easily used in the office and on-the-go will be key to maintaining job satisfaction. For instance,

As personal video usage transitions into corporate environments, employers should be offering video conferencing solutions and collaboration apps that allow employees to easily transition video calls on their phones onto conference screens. This will make it easier to make conference calls on the go and make the work experience more seamless.

Create a business with purpose

Gen Z employees also seek employers who provide them with purpose rather than just a job, so employers should invest in policies which truly add value – such as focusing on employee wellbeing, supporting environmental causes and allowing them to balance other priorities with work.

As Gen Z employees get older, they will be looking for employers who allow them to fit working hours around childcare requirements, or offer the ability to work from home to accommodate these needs. People are increasingly maintaining uninterrupted careers, with the UK’s female employment rate the highest it has been since records began at 71.4%, and with a greater number of men taking paternity leave, there is a growing trend towards balancing a career with raising children.

In some cases, workplaces are now even providing in-house childcare. For example, central London-based Cuckooz Nest opened in 2018 and allows parents to book desk space and qualified childcare on a pay-as-you-go basis. This type of setup can encourage flexible working and improve work-life balance.

In order for businesses to attract the new Gen Z talent, they will need to first consider the ways in which they work best, and design an employment experience that accommodates this. This means moving beyond fancy gimmicks and creating a truly supportive and flexible working environment with a purpose that considers all areas of employees lives both in and out of the office.

Guest Blog by Anne Marie Ginn, Head of Video Collaboration at Logitech

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