How Yealink AI Features can Improve Participant Wellbeing in Hybrid Meetings 

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

Presenter Tracking and Acoustic Shield Technology provide a better conferencing experience 

How Yealink AI Features can Improve Participant Wellbeing in Hybrid Meetings 

When it comes to the workforce, companies are always looking for ways to increase employee productivity. With the rise of Zoom (and other video conferencing software), many workers are now spending a good portion of their day in hybrid working environments.  

While this can be great for collaboration and engagement, it can also lead to “Zoom Fatigue” if not handled correctly. Yealink UC solutions provide the tools necessary to address this issue and help employees stay focused and productive during meetings. 

Some of the AI features that Yealink supplies include Speaker Tracking, Presenter Tracking and Acoustic Shield Technology. With Speaker Tracking, the camera will automatically pan and zoom to keep the active speaker in frame at all times. This ensures that everyone in the meeting can see who is talking. What’s more, the Presenter Tracking feature makes it easier to follow along because the camera tracks the presenter when they are moving around a room. 

Similarly, leveraging a massive deep-learning sound database, Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology helps to reduce background noise and allows users to focus on the sound that is coming from the call. This is especially useful for those who are working in open office spaces or other areas with a lot of ambient noise. 

By using these and other features, such as Auto Framing and Picture-in-Picture, Yealink UC solutions, including cameras, video bars and headsets, can help to increase employee productivity and reduce the effects of “Zoom Fatigue.” With less strain on the eyes and ears, employees can focus more on the task. 

Five things to Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up a successful conference with Yealink devices and AI features enabled.  

  1. Make sure that everyone in the meeting has a good internet connection. 
  2. Test out the audio and video quality before the meeting starts.  
  3. Set up Presenter Tracking or Speaker Tracking to keep participants engaged. 
  4. Use the AI-powered noise-cancelling and transcription features to improve participant wellbeing. 
  5. Make sure to end the meeting on time! 

The Solutions You Need

Yealink pride itself on being able to deliver quality solutions for any scenario, which is why fellow leaders in the collaboration and communications industry have partnered with Yealink. 

Both Zoom and Microsoft have partnered with Yealink to produce solutions that enhance their collaboration platforms. For both Zoom Rooms and Teams Rooms, Yealink provide certified solution bundles that can contain a selection of cameras, conference phones, scheduling displays, and all-in-one camera microphone and speaker solutions. 

As these only make up a section of Yealink’s suite of conference solutions, businesses can be assured that the goals set for their meeting spaces can be achieved, regardless of the size of the room, the platform of choice, or the technology that is required. 

If you have any questions about using Yealink technology to improve employee engagement and reduce fatigue, get in touch with Yealink here.



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