Huddly and Nuvias Work Together on Pan-EMEA Distribution Agreement

Nuvias and Huddly to distribute new video conferencing camera

Huddly and Nuvias Work Together on Pan-EMEA Distribution Agreement

One of the world’s fastest-growing value-added distributors, Nuvias, and the vision technology company Huddly recently announced their collaboration on a pan-EMEA distribution agreement. Nuvias signed the agreement with the ground-breaking Scandinavian start-up to help them roll out their innovative new “collaboration camera”. The intelligent “Huddly GO” offers a range of unique features for collaborating teams to tap into, including a 150-degree ultra-wide lens, 16MP video, and lossless pan-tilt-zoom.

Known for their commitment to using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and unique hardware in the development of modern business assets, Huddly camera could be a powerful addition to the meeting room environment. The Huddly GO solution was designed specifically for team collaboration and unified communications. The camera is fully compatible with the cloud-based UC solutions already available in the Nuvias UC Practice portfolio, including those by BlueJeans, Microsoft, Lifesize, and BroadSoft.

Pocket-Sized Power with Huddly GO

Conveniently sized for portability, the USB camera by Huddly comes with a range of powerful features perfect for taking video conferencing to the next level. It offers visual noise filtering, and light optimisation to ensure that you get the same high-quality images regardless of where the camera is used. The extra-wide field of vision also means that Huddly GO has the capacity to capture everyone present in any meeting room environment.

As you might have guessed, the new camera is perfect for Huddle rooms, as well as mid-sized conference rooms and larger open environments too. There’s even the option to download the Huddly app, so you can consistently upgrade your software and improve performance over time. The Huddly Vision API even allows users to develop a range of powerful intelligent features using multiple video streams from the camera.

Thanks to the support of Nuvias, Huddly will be able to ensure that their new Huddly GO solution gets into the right hands throughout the business world – optimising the video conferencing space.

Bridging the Gap in the Video Conferencing World

Nuvias, Steve Harris

EVP for Nuvias UC, Steve Harris

In a press release, the EVP for Nuvias UC, Steve Harris noted that many of the video conferencing cameras available in the marketplace together are either cheap and less optimised, or high-quality and extremely expensive. Huddly seems to bridge the gap between the two options, giving companies a camera that they can afford that doesn’t compromise on visual quality.

Now that many organisations are beginning to discover the power of unified communications and the video conferencing world, Huddly GO could ensure that companies with any budget can tap into a more immersive form of communication. Nuvias is there to help partners and channels discover this new form of technology for the first time. According to the Huddly VP for Sales and Strategy, Fraser Park, the team is delighted to work alongside Nuvias as their key distribution partner for the EMEA region.

Over the years, Nuvias has built their reputation for building fantastic UC experiences for different marketplaces. Huddly believes that the powerful existing UC portfolio Nuvias has will be a great benefit when it comes to shipping out their new video conferencing product. According to Park, Nuvias has given Huddly an exciting opportunity to built more meaningful meeting room experiences for UC users across the globe.


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