Introducing AWS ChatOps: The AWS Chatbot

Combining AWS and Slack Functionality

Introducing AWS ChatOps: The AWS Chatbot

AWS (Amazon Web Services), one of the leading providers of cloud computing and communication solutions, recently announced the arrival of the public beta version of AWS Chatbot. This is a new service from the AWS team intended to simplify the way that developers and admins set up ChatOps solutions within their Amazon Chime or Slack chat environments.

As businesses become increasingly reliant on team collaboration tools to keep their virtual offices running smoothly, providers like AWS are beginning to invest more deeply in tools that bring convenience and efficiency to the workplace. AWS Chatbot gives users access to an intelligent interactive agent that they can use to interact with and monitor their AWS resources, wherever they are in their favourite chat rooms. This means that developers don’t need to spend as much time jumping between apps throughout their workday.

Supporting DevOps Productivity in the Team Chat Tool

Like many other employees in the modern business environment, DevOps teams are becoming more reliant on chat rooms as their go-to source for communication and information. Team collaboration tools have emerged at the centre of many workforces, helping work to flow more freely and cohesively among various members in a team. Rather than having to jump out of a chat room to check on the performance of AWS assets, the new Chatbot solution will allow developers to interact with an intelligent bot within their Slack or Amazon Chime facilities instead.

The AWS Chatbot will deliver essential notifications to members of your DevOps team, and relay crucial commands from users back to systems, so everything can keep ticking along as necessary in your digital environment. With minimal effort, developers will be able to receive notifications and execute commands, without losing track of critical team conversations. What’s more, AWS fully manages the entire integration, with a service that only takes a few minutes to set up.

AWS Chatbot is currently in beta mode with support for notifications from services like:

  • AWS Health
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Budgets
  • AWS Guard Duty
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Cloud Formation

How to Start Using AWS Chatbot

AWS Chatbot relies on the Amazon SNS to integrate with other AWS services, and developers can set up alarms within their chat environments to ensure that they’re always ahead of the curve with the latest notifications and insights into AWS assets. To take advantage of the new service, you’ll need an AWS account, as well as an Amazon Chime webhook or a Slack channel.

To get started with AWS Chatbot, beta users can go into their console and authorise either Slack or Amazon Chime to add the AWS Chatbot functionality to their chatroom. You can also check out the announcement post from Amazon’s AWS Chatbot homepage for guidance on how to make the most of the latest feature.

Amazon believes that its new Chatbot feature will expand and enhance the communication tools that team members rely on every day for coordination and collaboration. It’s available at no extra cost to AWS users.


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