Introducing the Troop Messenger App

Rebekah Carter

A simple solution for office chat

Introducing the Troop Messenger App

As demand for exceptional collaboration tools continues to grow, vendors of all sizes are making their way into the application space. Troop Messenger, one of the more recent additions to the collaborative chat space, offers instant messaging, project management, video conferencing, and more in a simple, cohesive app.

Intended to give businesses a user-friendly alternative to other complicated collaborative services, Troop Messenger is a compact app with a host of useful features. Troop Messenger combines secure communication with easy accessibility and IP ownership. What’s more, the tool works on virtually all operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The Features of Troop Messenger

At its heart, Troop Messenger is a high-functionality, low-complexity business messaging tool. Perfect for keeping teams connected in today’s evolving work environment, the solution comes with everything from extensive cloud storage, to simple contact search and group messaging.

Some of the most impressive features include:

  • Up to 1TB of storage: Store as much information as you need within your chat app, with 50Gb for free and up to 1TB available depending on your usage requirements
  • Contact Search: Find any user you need within your enterprise by typing a name into the search bar. Stop scrolling through directories and connect to people faster
  • Unlimited Groups: Make collaborative interaction more enjoyable with as many groups as you need to organise your unique workflow
  • Free chat and email support: Ensure you always have access to professional assistance with a 24/7 team dedicated to addressing your requests
  • Data records: Ensure compliance with GDPR and other legislature with data records you can access at the touch of a button
  • Unlimited message history: Don’t worry about losing crucial information. All of your messages are saved for as long as you want them
  • Video calling: Give your team a chance to get together face-to-face, without expensive travel. Video calling is built-in for projects and presentations
  • Analytics: Access state-of-the-art reporting through a simple and cohesive administrator dashboard. Troop Messenger makes it easy to supervise teams and track individual performance
  • Screen sharing: Bring more context to your collaborative moments with seamless file and screen sharing

Try for Free Before you Buy

For the countless companies that don’t yet know what they need from a collaborative tool, Troop Messenger offers a comprehensive free tier service. The free plan comes with access to up to five group chats, file sharing, global search, user panels, and one-on-one messaging, for $0 per month. “Premium” services start at $1 per user per month, with access to live tracking, audio messaging, video calling, screen sharing, and countless other features for between 1-100 users. You also get 150GB of storage.

Even the most expensive version of the Troop Messenger app is only $5 per user per month, with access to support for unlimited storage, and unlimited users. If you’re interested in something bigger or more customised, you can also contact the Troop team to get a unique quote.

For developer teams, there’s also the option to build out your own app, which Troop Messenger’s experts will help you to customise however you like.


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