Konftel Urges Leaders to Begin Office Transformation

Rapid transformation is necessary for safe offices

Konftel Urges Leaders to Begin Office Transformation

Leading collaboration endpoint provider, Konftel, has warned business leaders that they need to prepare for massive changes to the future of office life. As restrictions imposed by Covid-19 continue to ease, the traditional office may be on its way back. However, Konftel notes that a transition “back to normal” is not on the horizon. Rapid transformation will be necessary to keep teams safe.

CMO of Konftel, Stefan Eriksson, said that video conferencing will continue to drive communications across a range of remote and office environments.

Rapidly, businesses are reorganizing their offices and facilitating an increased demand for video meetings. This is why the company is now urging resellers to fully prepare customers for another Covid recovery phase, backed with a valuable webinar.

Preparing for a Future of Hybrid Work

According to Konftel, more than half of businesses are planning to accelerate their IT budgets this year, with video technology now among the top priorities for many business leaders. According to Eriksson, the hybrid workspace will continue to grow, blending a future of home work and office interactions. The views of Konftel are backed by research from the Metrigy analysts, as well as insights from resellers and distributors worldwide.

The traditional office is now moving through a significant transformation, and Konftel believes a safe office return will demand:

  • A reduced number of people in office spaces
  • Converting the existing meeting room environment for video conferencing
  • Installing more touchless devices to reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Adding more work zones that are enclosed and separated
  • Increasing general hygiene practices and sanitation

Eriksson says that flexibility is key in a world where future workplaces will be made up of in-person and remote participants, with professional video meetings paving the way for collaborative success. Businesses will need to prepare for greater numbers both in the office and working remotely.

To further support modern businesses, Konftel will be planning a webinar in the months ahead that will assist resellers in equipping customers for the next stage of post-pandemic life. Konftel has already seen a massive demand for USB video kits, and a series of new products is in the pipeline.

One of the most significant trends Konftel expects to see in the new office space is the rise of contactless conferencing. Social distancing will still be vital to ensuring employee safety during the return to the office. No-touch solutions like the Konftel Unite app will offer fantastic opportunities. The app can switch the operation of audio-based meetings from a keypad to a smartphone via Bluetooth.



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