KUDO 3.0 Introduces Dial-In Access and Security Boost

New features from KUDO v3.0

KUDO 3.0 Introduces Dial-In Access and Security Boost

Cloud-based solution for live event support and multi-lingual meetings, KUDO, recently announced the released of its new version 3.0. Among the long list of enhancements and innovations delivered by the latest version is a feature that allows today’s clients to quickly and easily accommodate the needs of offline users into a multilingual meeting via typical phone lines.

The new dial-in feature allows today’s users to remotely access a meeting by calling a specific number from their mobile phone or landline. After this, the individual can simply enter the meeting ID to join the conversation in the language that suits them. The new capability is available to anyone in the US, with more countries to appear in the months to come.

What to Expect from KUDO v3.0

Fardad Zabetian

Fardad Zabetian

The latest version of KUDO not only offers dial-in functionality, but a range of security updates too, which cut across a wide range of features in the platform. The security measures are intended to make the meetings almost impenetrable for uninvited guests. According to the VP of Product and Engineering, Parham Akhavan, the online platform wants to become unhackable and provide absolute peace of mind for today’s security-focused companies.

Additionally, the flow of emails and automatic prompts sent by KUDO has also been improved in the latest version for easier onboarding and greater usability. After quality, usability is one of the most important priorities for today’s clients, according to KUDO CEO, Fardad Zabetian.

KUDO v3.0 also provides something important to interpreters in the form of an option to seamlessly take turns using a microphone, even when multiple interpreters aren’t sharing the same physical space. In version 3.0, the Interpreter Interface features a streamlined workflow and handover button for improved shift splitting. With just two clicks, it’s possible for interpreters to move the microphone between them and manage a single language channel from different locations.

Responding to the Needs of the Market

Ewandro Magalhaes

Ewandro Magalhaes

Updates like the new handover feature were delivered by KUDO in direct response to the feedback that the company gathered from more than 800 certified interpreters on the channel. According to VP of Communications, Ewandro Magalhaes, the company hesitated slightly in bringing the new feature to the market, as KUDO often has interpreters that share the same space. However, some clients have also explained that their interpreters might work out of different booths as well.

The KUDO platform is now a state-of-the-art solution that includes enhanced support for more kinds of live events and multi-lingual meetings. KUDO is delivering innovative tech and human language talent to companies around the world.


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