KUDO Partners with Diversified on Meetings

Delivering multi-language ready rooms

KUDO Partners with Diversified on Meetings

KUDO, a provider of immersive cloud-based collaboration platforms that enable live conferences and meetings with real-time language interpretation, has announced a new collaboration with Diversified. The partnership agreement will allow KUDO to take advantage of Diversified’s industry-leading professional collaboration, visual, audio and managed-services tech solutions. Diversify currently has 38 offices serving multi-national clients around the world.

The agreement makes Diversified the only U.S. reseller for the fantastic KUDO Language Ready meeting room product.

The KUDO Language Ready Room

The KUDO language ready room is a license-based meeting room solution offering enterprise customers the ability to unlock live language translation in their meetings. This add-on system syncs into existing video meeting rooms and supports workplaces around the world in bridging geographical gaps.

According to the CEO and Founder of Diversified, Fred D’Alessandro, the company wants to improve meeting productivity and support true collaboration around the world. KUDO’s revolutionary meeting solution will allow Diversified to give their clients unique value. With the new partnership, Diversified can offer instant communication across language barriers.

As an increasing number of companies move towards global models of operation, collaboration solutions that stretch across multiple languages is becoming more essential. Diversified’s existing experience in collaboration, communication and managed services will ensure that companies have the ability to communicate seamlessly, using their own language. Meeting spaces enabled as KUDO language ready rooms will be equipped to conduct meetings through multiple countries with real-time translation.

Bridging the Gaps in Global Teams

Fardad Zabetian

Fardad Zabetian

The simple SaaS solution from KUDO will allow existing conferencing environments with video and audio access to quickly and easily give businesses the global communication they need. The meeting platform is also available from any mobile device or browser.

According to the CEO and Founder of KUDO, Fardad Zabetian, KUDO has been working with the Diversified team on many enterprise-wide installations throughout the years. KUDO believes that they have a future-ready and dynamic partner in KUDO, that they can rely on to help bring multi-lingual support to businesses across the globe.

The COO and President of Diversified, Kevin Collins, also commented on the new partnership, saying that Diversified Collaboration decisions are rooted in the reality of demand. Through teamwork with KUDO, Diversified will be able to deliver a new world of opportunities to their communication clients.


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