LinkedIn Launches Video Meetings

Tom Wright

Virtual background and screensharing functionality on the roadmap

LinkedIn Launches Video Meetings

LinkedIn has launched native meeting functionality, meaning users can hold video meetings without leaving the business networking platform.

Users can initiate a video call by clicking the camera icon in the top right corner of a messaging window with another LinkedIn member.

The added feature is designed to boost the productivity that can happen within the LinkedIn app or website.

In a note on its engineering site, LinkedIn said: “From an initial job search to a 1:1 conversation, we wanted to drive the productivity of our members end to end while keeping them safe.

“By adding video conferencing as a part of the messaging experience, members can connect virtually while maintaining the context of their existing conversation”

“Now, members can easily schedule free video meetings with their network without the need to download a client or sign up to any service.”

LinkedIn first added a video feature last year, but the meetings had to take place on a different platform such as Teams or Zoom.

The new video meetings are powered by technology from LinkedIn parent company Microsoft. LinkedIn software developers created an SDK, LinkedIn Conferencing Infrastructure, that connects with Microsoft’s CPaaS, Azure Communication Services, which powers Teams.

LinkedIn is also planning to phase in other well-known features that are present in video conferencing platforms such as virtual backgrounds, screensharing and calendar integration via ICS.

“Our investment in video meetings has opened innovation for video conferencing across the LinkedIn ecosystem, with potential use cases ranging from messaging peers to interviewing candidates,” LinkedIn said.

“As the professional landscape transitions to a mix of in-person and virtual communication, we are committed to building the best possible video meeting experience for our members.”



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