Launches Live Notes and Captions for Google Meet

Rebekah Carter

Adding new features to Google Meet

Google Launches Live Notes and Captions for Google Meet, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for team communications and productivity, recently announced the arrival of a new solution. The Live Captions and notes integration for Google Meet aims to enhance the collaboration experience for more than 100 million users already on the app. Available now for all Otter customers, the service will transform business conversations into collaborative and interactive transcripts in real-time.

With one easy installation of a Chrome extension, users can open secure and live transcripts directly from Google Meet calls, and access live captions. Google Meet users can now improve business communications with innovative technology solutions that used to work with Zoom only.

Integrating Otter within Google Meet will help to improve meeting productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of miscommunications in today’s remote working landscape.

An Intelligent Live Caption Experience

Dave Michels UC Awards 2018 Judge 1After a meeting, the web platform and the app will offer a range of features to enhance communications even further, including search by keyword capabilities, transcript reviews, and the option to highlight, add images, and share content. The arrival of the new integration will add a panel directly from the Chrome web browser within a Google Meet call.

The panel, which is moveable, can capture a conversation and turn it into a transcript in real-time. In addition, users will have access to Live Captions that utilize’s market-leading ASR engine. This technology is specifically built to support custom vocabulary, and the captions are available to customise with different sizes and fonts.

According to Dave Michels, the Principal Analyst of TalkingPointz, is an indispensable tool for businesses using Zoom meetings already. The new extension for Google Meet users will take the fantastic functionality available to even more users on Google Meet.

Notably, Otter is available as a standalone app, ready to work with most video conferencing systems, and it’s quickly gaining recognition as a valuable AI solution for modern meetings. Capable of more than just transcription, Otter can store all transcripts for a business that uses both Meet and Zoom.

Making Meetings More Intelligent

All calls recorded with the extension will create a collaborative transcript that users can access after the meeting. The new launch is a valuable step forward in’s strategy to create a more streamlined and integrated experience of live transcription and note sharing for collaboration customers. According to CEO and Founder of, Sam Liang, Google Meet is a highly effective video tool used by over 100 million people each day.

Liang notes that has already achieved amazing outcomes with its Zoom integration, and now it’s ready to increase productivity and note-taking opportunities for Google Meet users too. The AI technology available within can accurately understand a range of accents and can therefore turn real-time conversations into live transcripts that are easy to follow and understand. is helping to drive a more collaborative and cohesive experience for everyone on Google Meet. What’s more, the company plans to continue developing its comprehensive collaboration product to make it more effective for teams in a variety of different environments.



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