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Out Loud: Creating a Self-Service Collaboration Culture with Circuit, from Unify

We hear from Unify about their approach to collaboration tools with Unify Circuit

Out Loud: Creating a Self-Service Collaboration Culture with Circuit, from Unify

Patrick was joined by expert Andrew Cheel, who is the Digital Mindset Adoption Consultant at Atos the parent company of Unify.

Firstly Andrew explains why collaboration platforms have become so popular and also why a subscription cloud collaboration model is critical to realising some of the benefits. Uniting any platform with existing customer platforms is also vitally important.

“You need this co-existence of the modern collaboration tool set and the old communication systems.”

Unify have been developing Circuit for a number of years with a focus on enhancing the human usage element of the platform. Using WebRTC Unify have been able to ensure that Circuit can be used across devices with no differences in the UI.

“We now give organisations choice, they are not tied in to the collaboration piece because they have a telephony systems from vendor A.”

Patrick and Andrew also discuss the massive importance of inclusivity within technology tools. It’s very important that everybody within and organisation is using the same tools, otherwise there is a danger that they get siloed within individual departments. Workflow is one of the areas that organisations are most keen to enhance.

“If we can keep them (users) in a single tool then typically they are going to save 45 minutes per day. Easily that person could be 11 days more productive per year.”

Out Loud Andrew Cheel

Andrew Cheel, Unify Specialist

Andrew then explains how profound the impact of collaboration tools can be on overall company culture. With optimum implementation and full user adoption the tools can transform business processes in ways that were never imagined in advance.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Andrew Cheel.


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