Out Loud: Skype for Business as a Service with NFON and Westcoast

We hear from NFON and Westcoast to find out about their Skype for Business as a Service offering

Out Loud: Skype for Business as a Service with NFON and Westcoast

Myles Leach, Managing Director of NFON UK, and Mark Davies, Cloud Service Director at Westcoast, are the special guests in today’s episode of Out Loud.

Mark Davies Cloud Service Director, Westcoast

Mark Davies, Westcoast

Firstly Patrick asks both Mark and Myles about the background behind the new Skype for Business as a Service provision. Mark explains that there has been a huge demand from customers for an enhanced Skype for Business offering and now with the additional features that the NFON platform can offer, Westcoast are able to provide this to their customers. NFON initially built a similar platform for the German market, and once the premise was established they were able to expand this into the UK with the help of Westcoast.

Both Myles and Mark explain some of the benefits when customers adopt their Skype for Business as a Service offering. Ease and simplicity of deployment are crucial factors but also the enhanced feature set offered by NFON integration allow customers to take a advantage of all of the great features within Skype whilst utilising the platform as a full phone system. The cloud division of Westcoast are now using the product themselves as their own communication platform.

Products like Skype for Business as a Service are matching a general industry trend which the pod moves onto discuss. The convergence of traditional communication specialists and ICT specialists is seeing the lines between two previously distinct areas blurred. More and more ICT providers are now providing communication based services utilising some of the new age communication platforms that now fall under software as a service. Both NFON and Westcoast recognise the opportunity this presents with the ability to expand their provision to new sections of the market.

Myles Leach Managing Director NFON UK

Myles Leach, NFON

Finally Patrick asks Mark about the potential for a future platform involving Microsoft Teams, utilising the same sort of enhancements. Currently there are no plans to expand the provision to Microsoft Teams, however if demand for this increased and Microsoft allowed a similar service to be developed they would certainly consider doing just that.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests Mark Davies of Westcoast and Myles Leach of NFON.

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