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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Video Comms Takes Centre Stage with SilexPro

SilexPro's European Sales Director, Chris Prowse, joins us on Out Loud today to discuss their innovative approach to the market

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Video Comms Takes Centre Stage with SilexPro

Patrick was joined by special guest Chris Prowse, European Sales Director, at SilexPro.

Chris tells Patrick that their main highlight in 2018 was the general release of the SilexPro PTE. The PTE approaches collaboration and communication from a different perspective and Chris explains to Patrick how it works.

“That (The SilexPro PTE) is an all-in-one-device with three or four sides, touchscreens with HD cameras, that allows you to have video conferencing from the centre of the table rather than from a screen on the wall.”

There are various benefits to this innovative set up which takes advantages of historical tendencies for humans to collaborate around a central vocal point. The setup allows all of the participants to focus on each other and also on the video devices themselves. “In any other collaborative environment you do not have everyone in the same room staring at the wall – It’s not the most conducive way to have a collaborative discussion”

Patrick asks Chris how the PTE has been received within the industry. It has been a challenge for SilexPro to help customers and partners move away from the traditional setup and realise the huge benefits of a more central communication experience. There are other benefits too in terms of infrastructure, realised by not having to mount screens on walls in meeting rooms.

Chris examines some of the trends that have been impacting SilexPro, the rise and more general availability of good video conference solutions is incredibly important to them as they support all of the main players. WebRTC will also be hugely important and the PTE can support WebRTC based video.

Finally Chris explains that the main focus for SilexPro over the next year will still be to spread the message and help customers and partners understand the benefits of a central solution. SilexPro will also be expanding their sales presence around the globe to further enhance their ability to sell the PTE.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Chris Prowse of SilexPro.

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