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Out Loud with Zoom.ai

Listen to the latest Out Loud podcast where we get the background on artificial intelligence experts, Zoom.ai

Out Loud with Zoom.ai

Zoom.ai’s founder and CEO, Roy Pereira is the special guest in today’s episode of Out Loud.

Roy Pereira, Zoom.ai

Roy Pereira, Zoom.ai

Roy starts by explaining, to Patrick, why he founded Zoom.ai. Roy and his team noticed that there was an increasing pressure on employees within enterprise organisations to complete their own administration tasks, taking them away from their primary job roles. At Zoom.ai they aim to alleviate the most mundane and repetitive tasks from users, freeing them to add as much value as possible to their businesses.

Patrick also asks Roy about the reception that Zoom.ai have had within the industry since their launch. Initially the Zoom.ai team had planned to target professional individuals and aimed to act as a virtual personal assistant but quickly the team had increasing enquiries from within enterprise organisations looking to improve the efficiency of their staff.

Roy also explains that there has been a change in the perception of artificial intelligence, and machine learning, technology across industries. From a position of scepticism, and in some cases fear, business are now starting to realise the potential of utilising such tools.

The team at Zoom.ai have big plans when it comes to the future development of their tools. They want to continue to add features engendering more and more time saving productivity enablement’s for their users.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Roy Pereira of Zoom.ai.

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