Poly+ Review: Sensational Support and Guidance

Rebekah Carter

Powerful insights and support from Poly

Poly+ Review: Sensational Support and Guidance

Running an effective business in today’s digital world requires an incredible strategy, dedicated team, and of course – the right technology.  

Whether you’re building a hybrid workplace to support a new age of productivity, or you’re upgrading your technology for cloud continuity, the right tools are crucial. Fortunately, companies like Poly are here to help. Poly is one of the market leaders in the communication landscape, offering exceptional audio and video products for companies of all backgrounds and sizes.  

What makes Poly’s portfolio particularly special is the company’s commitment to ensuring you can make the most of your digital transformation journey. Poly doesn’t just give you the hardware you need – the company also offers support to ensure you’re really leveraging the solutions available to you. With Poly+, companies can access amazing devices like never before. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Poly+ 

Poly+ Review: Features 

These days, every company needs to reconsider its investment into digital solutions. For years, companies have been updating and improving their technology stack to suit a more agile, innovative workforce. Today, the demand for high-quality technology is greater than ever, particularly since the pandemic forced companies into a new mode of work.  

With Poly+, companies get the benefit of not only accessing the hardware they need to enable and empower their employees, but the insights and support required for growth too.  

The service includes: 

  • Poly Lens for customising how your personal devices work: Poly Lens allows users to control personal device settings and keep their software up to date wherever they are
  • Remote enterprise IT and end-user support: Control devices remotely and track the performance of tools in a range of environments
  • Instant troubleshooting and support for tech problems: Use premium insights to get your technology up and running again when problems strike
  • Premium network monitoring features: Track hybrid employees, network health, and any issues that might lead to downtime
  • Unlimited technical support, all hours and all days – worldwide: Poly’s team delivers support through chat, phone, live video, and web support
  • Advanced hardware replacement (with next-day delivery): Replace your devices when something’s wrong and get your new products with speed
  • Exclusive professional services discounts: Access discounts throughout your contract term to reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Notifications to keep you up to date on your tech: Customise the notifications you see when something goes wrong with a device

Poly+ Review: Benefits 

Poly+ is Poly’s solution to optimising the new world of work through exceptional service. No matter where your teams may be, or how distributed your workforce is, Poly will ensure you can access management tools and premium insights from anywhere. Advanced hardware replacement options keep you on the cutting edge of the latest technology, and constant global support means you never have to wait around for a solution to an issue. Some of the biggest benefits of Poly+ include: 

  • Exceptional insights: Poly allows businesses to track the performance of their devices like never before, with granular reporting and information on all of your networked solutions. You can even use troubleshooting to determine where a problem comes from when issues start to arise, and immediately access potential solutions. Set up notifications, and you can also be the first to know whenever something isn’t working as it should
  • Remote management: Control devices wherever they are, deliver security updates, patch firmware, and more, all from a single environment. Access to a comprehensive range of device controls supports your IT team in building a more effective hardware ecosystem. There’s also Poly Lens to allow individual employees to make their own changes. Controlling all compatible devices for voice and video has never been easier
  • Constant support: When problems strike, today’s fast-moving companies don’t have time to wait around for an answer. Around-the-clock support from global service teams ensures Poly+ can keep your business up and running, no matter what’s going on in your business. The support available with Poly+ can include everything from phone conversations to instant chat messages and even video
  • Quick hardware replacement: When you need to upgrade your hardware, Poly will ensure your next device gets to you the next business day – even before you’ve had a chance to return the previous item. This ensures your business can get up and running again faster. There’s also the extra bonus of an extended three-year product replacement warranty, so you’ve got more peace of mind with your investments
  • Exclusive discounts: Build the perfect ecosystem of audio and video hardware for a price you can afford, with exclusive discounts just for Poly+ customers. You’ll have complete access to some of the most impressive tools in the Poly line-up, including Poly Studio devices

Who Needs Poly+? 

Poly+ offers an extensive level of support for companies that can’t afford to have even a single moment of downtime. You’ll get complete access to a dedicated team, committed to making your business a success, as well as next-day parts replacements, insights with Poly Lens, and access to all of the latest software updates and patches instantly.  

Poly+ is intended for companies who need extra help keeping their technology system up and running with speed and efficiency. The solution can also be extra beneficial for businesses making the transition to remote and hybrid work when they need to keep a closer eye on the performance of tools and teams alike.  

Poly+ Review: Verdict 

In an environment where companies are moving rapidly into a new age of work, it’s important to have the right technology to stay ahead of the competition. However, organisations should also make sure they’re getting the support and guidance required to survive in this new landscape. Poly+ delivers a new level of support for companies to truly take advantage of their AV technology. 

If you’re looking for premium service solution to accompany your premium audio and visual hardware, Poly+ will definitely appeal to you.  



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