RingCentral Meetings: Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Everything you need to know about RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings: Video Conferencing & Collaboration

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Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication. In 2017, 64% of companies already had huddle rooms set up to support and empower their teams.

As remote working and globalisation become more common, video offers businesses a way to keep their dispersed employees connected and engaged. RingCentral, one of the world leaders in cloud-based solutions for communication, has created its own video conferencing service in the form of “RingCentral Meetings.” RingCentral Meetings aligns video with voice, team messaging, and collaboration, to enhance productivity in the average workforce.

RingCentral Meetings is a complete web conferencing service for the modern business, which allows businesses to maintain face-to-face meetings, share their desktop screens, and collaborate at any time, anywhere. Let’s explore RingCentral Meetings further.

Features & Benefits

Designed to boost business efficiency and team collaboration, while keeping overhead and travel expenses low, RingCentral Meetings is a simple solution for web and video conferencing. The features and benefits of RingCentral Meetings include:

Screen Sharing and Presentations

Teams can easily share presentations, whiteboards, files, and screens through cloud storage systems like Dropbox. Meetings can host up to 500 people at once, and everyone attending can share their own content, or annotate existing files.

  • Grant remote permissions for meeting attendees
  • Collaborate on and review documents in real-time
  • View content on smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Safe Driving mode automatically disables video and outgoing audio to limit distractions
  • Integration with RingCentral Rooms

Video Conferencing

At its heart, RingCentral Meetings is a video conferencing service that allows companies to hold high-definition meetings using a tablet, smartphone or computer. During a session you can:

  • Initiate instant messaging chats with individuals or groups
  • Mute participants, highlight current speakers and start or stop video
  • Lock sessions and allow for video recording
  • Access files in cloud storage

Because RingCentral Rooms is an extension of RingCentral Meetings, businesses can also make their conference rooms and huddle spaces as immersive as possible, without having to invest in on-premise equipment for telepresence. If you have proprietary telepresence devices pre-installed, RingCentral offers easy integration with SIP and H.323 endpoints.

Instant Audio Conferencing

RingCentral Meetings doesn’t just make video more accessible; it also supports audio conferencing too through a single dedicated bridge for universal access. Companies can host unlimited conferences with up to 1,000 participants at a time, and local dial-in is available too.

  • Join meetings by having the conference call you
  • Split meeting participants into smaller breakout sessions
  • Deliver face-to-face meetings and online demonstrations to customers
  • Connect with RingCentral Office for seamless cloud-based unified communication

Dynamic Webinars

If you’re looking for a way to broadcast immersive video to large groups of people at once, then RingCentral offers the opportunity to expand RingCentral Meetings with RingCentral Webinar. Users can host global training sessions, sales presentations and product showcases with up to 500 presenters and 10,000 attendees at a time. Companies can create and customise events with ease, and even measure their success with post-event reporting data.

Tech Specs

RingCentral Meetings is designed to support interactive communication and open video conferencing for companies around the world. To use the system, you’ll need your video and audio display. System requirements include:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.7
  • 1Ghz processor
  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Android 4.4 KitKat or later
  • RingCentral Office Standard, Premium or Enterprise Edition or a standalone RingCentral Meetings account
  • Broadband, Wired or WiFi connection

Target Market & Regional Availability

RingCentral Meetings is available on a global basis to more than 80 countries around the world. The versatility and scalability of RingCentral Meetings also makes it the ideal video conferencing and collaboration service for companies of any size. Small businesses can access Meetings through an Entry-level license to RingCentral Office, whereas larger enterprises can create their own service with a quote from the RingCentral team.

How to Buy & Pricing

RingCentral sells its services both directly, through their website and sales team, and through channel partners and resellers. You can contact the company directly to get a quote for a custom standalone version of RingCentral Meetings, or you can purchase the service as part of a RingCentral Office License. There are three pricing levels available for RingCentral Office:

  • Entry at £7.99 per month per user
  • Standard at £14.99 per month per user
  • Premium at £19.99 per month per user

RingCentral also allows customers to get a custom quote based on their exact needs for RingCentral Office.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

As video conferencing and collaboration services go, RingCentral Meetings includes all the features most companies need to keep their globally-dispersed teams connected. HD video and audio make it easier for people around the world to feel like they’re in the room during conference calls, presentations, and training sessions. What’s more, mobile access through Android and iOS applications means that people can join their meetings on the go.

Q: What’s Included in the Free Trial of RingCentral Meetings?

A: Companies can access a free trial version of RingCentral Meetings which includes a basic introduction to RingCentral Office, with 5 phone lines and 50 free outbound minutes per line. To try RingCentral Meetings, you don’t need to make any commitment to the RingCentral portfolio. Even if you sign up for a license, you can pay as you go on a month-to-month basis and cancel when it suits you.

Q: What is VCaaS

A: Thanks to RingCentral’s open architecture and rich selection of SDKs and APIs, developers can implement the services provided through RingCentral Meetings into their existing communication infrastructure as a video conferencing as a service feature. VCaaS is an easy way to keep costs low and add new functionality into your pre-existing communication strategy.

Q: How Secure is RingCentral Meetings?

A: RingCentral keeps their “Meetings” service secure with end-to-end encryption. RingCentral Meetings encrypts all the presentation content in your videos with TLS 1.2 and the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit algorithm.

What do you think about RingCentral Meetings? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below!



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