RIP Yahoo Together: Chat Tool Gone for Good

Yahoo has said farewell to Yahoo Together

RIP Yahoo Together: Chat Tool Gone for Good

As companies across the tech landscape scramble to find their place in the new collaboration-obsessed environment, Yahoo has taken a different approach. The company announced that Yahoo Together, their group messaging app similar to Slack, would be officially discontinued as of April 4th, 2019.

The Yahoo Together application was initially introduced in October 2018, so it’s only been around for about 6 months. The tool was a replacement to the much older Yahoo Messenger experience. According to Yahoo at the time, the app would be a “Slack-like” solution for family and friends who wanted to communicate through private channels, secret topics, and group conversations.

The app also supported Siri Shortcuts and allowed individuals to upload documents and photos to their discussions.

What Happened to Yahoo Together?

It’s safe to say that Yahoo Together hasn’t been nearly as popular as Yahoo might have hoped. The company said in an update about the end of the tool that they would now be focusing on tools that better fit the needs of their customers. According to Yahoo, it’s time for them to focus on the changing requirements of the communication landscape.

Despite this, no replacement for Yahoo Together has been announced yet. However, Yahoo has advised fans to keep an eye on their Google Play and iTunes App Stores in the future.

Unfortunately for those who weren’t aware of Yahoo Together shutting down, you only had a chance to download your chat history if you did it before the shut-down date of the 4th of April. Until that time, Yahoo offered a downloader request site where you could get a copy of all your conversations sent to your email address.

However, now that Yahoo Together is gone for good, all of the data contained on the app has also been deleted.

What’s Next for Yahoo?

Currently, there seems to be nothing obvious on the horizon for Yahoo when it comes to continued solutions for communication and collaboration. Once one of the biggest search engine and email providers in the world, Yahoo has been dwindling in popularity over the years, losing the attention of its followers and fans. The message that Yahoo sent out to its users telling them to delete their Yahoo together app earlier in Spring felt a little bit like Yahoo is just giving up.

Still, there is a little hope in the claim that the company is working on new things for the communication landscape. For now, all we can do is wait and see.



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