8 Best Microsoft Teams Room Kits for Hybrid Work

The best Microsoft Teams meeting room kits

8 Best Microsoft Teams Room Kits for Hybrid Work
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Last Edited: May 19, 2021

Rebekah Carter

As the hybrid work environment continues to gain popularity, companies everywhere are searching for the ultimate way to enable and enhance better collaboration. For many, the path to the hybrid future begins with an immersive collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams.  

Teams has become the must-have product for many companies, with 145 million daily active users worldwide. Through Teams Rooms kits, companies can create plug-and-play solutions for hybrid work designed to empower any workforce. These modern meeting room kits are simple, flexible, and ready to update the way we collaborate.  

Here are some of the best Microsoft Teams room kits available today in no particular order.  

Bose Videobar VB1 

The ground-breaking all-in-one USB bar from Bose promises exceptional audio and simplicity in any meeting area. With the Videobar VB1, employees can ensure their colleagues can hear and understand them in any environment. There are 6 beamforming microphones included to improve audio clarity, and a 4K ultra-HD camera with auto-framing.  

Bose sound supports multimedia presentations, connects with Bluetooth audio, and there’s even a single cable setup for simplicity. With the Videobar VB1, you can easily connect your entire team through Microsoft Teams, making conversations feel more professional and natural. While the microphones home in on human voice, the auto-framing camera makes you the centre of attention. 


Designed for small meeting rooms, the EXPAND Vision 3T will help to enable better connections between in-office and remote employees for those quick meetings. This state-of-the-art meeting room bar is easy to set up and install, with automatic integration with Microsoft Teams. A 4K wide-angle camera comes with a Sony sensor, and advanced PTZ for better focus.  

High-performance audio combined with one-touch join means that you can get exceptional clarity in an instant. There’s no need for any complicated setup. You can jump into your conversations quickly and easily, and even access help from EPOS AI for noise cancellation.  

Logitech Rally Bar Mini System 

Designed by Logitech, the Rally Bar mini promises to transform any small room, huddle room, or focus space into a dedicated Microsoft Teams meeting room environment. The all-inclusive system comes with access to Logitech Tap, as well as the Intel NUC mini-PC, a Rally Bar Mini, and so much more. The incredible PTZ camera, room-filling speakers, and extra sensitive microphone ensure every meeting can room smoothly.  

Logitech combines premium materials with a simple touch controller and a host of advanced components to take every conversation to the next level. Low-distortion speakers ensure exceptional sound, while beamforming microphones pick up voices at every level.  

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 

Designed as the ultimate hub for all meeting rooms, the ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 from Lenovo combines controls, cable management, and audio into an incredible all-in-one system. The ultra-sensitive microphones are perfect for picking up human voices in spread-out spaces. If you’re planning on creating more socially distanced meeting rooms for the age of hybrid working, this will be a crucial feature. Plus, the low-distortion features are ideal for room-filling sound.  

With automated PTZ and AI, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub’s camera also adapts naturally to the dynamics of the meeting, focusing in on each face during a conversation. With clear picture, audio, and intuitive controls in one component, Lenovo checks every box.  

HP Elite Slice G2 360 audio with Jabra Camera 

A combination of must-have meeting room tools from leaders HP and Jabra, this all-in-one room kit ensures hybrid teams can stay connected. No matter where your staff might be, the Elite Slice G2 audio system, and Jabra intelligent PanaCast camera will keep you connected. An intelligent 180-degree Panoramic 4K PanaCast camera combines real-time audio stitching with a 13-megapixel view for incredibly natural video.  

The HP Elite Slice G2 comes with premium Bang and Olufsen audio, and powerful speakers for organic-sounding voices through a set of custom 360-degree audio speaker drives.  

Poly Studio X50 

The Poly Studio X50 is an incredible all-in-one Microsoft Teams Meeting room solution built on Android. Intuitive and easy to use, the Studio comes with access to Microsoft Teams built in. Crisp and clear voices, combined with a beamforming microphone array and acoustic chamber design ensures a more powerful meeting experience.  

Intuitive and powerful, the Poly Studio X50 comes with its own tabletop touch-controlled console to ensure powerful performance in a small package. You can also bring world-class meeting experiences to your employees with Poly signature audio for distortion and noise-free conversations. Poly NoiseBlock AI is included as part of the purchase.  

Yealink MeetingBar A20 

Today’s hybrid teams can make even smaller meetings feel more meaningful with the A20 MeetingBar from Yealink. This all-in-one solution integrates a 20-megapixel camera with 133 degrees of horizontal view, with AI technology, and an 8 MEMS microphone array. Perfect for unforgettable professional meetings, the Yealink MeetingBar offers plug-and-play functionality with intelligence like auto framing and speaker tracking.  

The A2 can connect with touch panel solutions for simple operation, and there’s even an electric lens cap included on the camera for privacy. Yealink Noise Proof technology and full-duplex audio cuts out any unwanted distractions.  

Crestron UC-B160-T Focus Room 

Built for the modern focus room, the Crestron UC-B160-T solution is a state-of-the-art system with a Crestron Flex Smart soundbar, an Huddly IQ camera, and a fantastic enterprise-grade dual display engine. Ideal for meetings on Microsoft Teams where hybrid staff need to share insights and information, the Crestron system has it all. You can capture voices up to 23 feet away thanks to the beamforming microphones.  

A set of full-range speakers ensure ultra-rich audio, while the touchscreen allows you to send content and information easily. The system even integrates with IoT based tools. All that, and you get a powerful high-performance camera for better focus in visual meetings.  

With so many amazing Microsoft Teams Meeting room systems rolling out all the time, there’s no shortage of great choices for the future of hybrid work.  



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