Avaya Delivers Intelligent Huddle Rooms

New video offerings from Avaya

Avaya Delivers Intelligent Huddle Rooms

Global communications and collaboration leader Avaya is now introducing a number of new enhancements to its video conferencing solutions. In an attempt to transform the group meeting experience with enhanced video economics, Avaya is now offering a range of solutions designed for smaller spaces. The expanded portfolio includes the introduction of the new Avaya IX Huddle cameras, intended to provide high-quality video for lower prices. Additionally, the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit 360 (CU360) offers an open all-in-one next-gen collaboration strategy.

Avaya’s updated portfolio is designed to help businesses of all sizes to move their conferencing environments into the cloud. There’s even a new “Huddle as a Service” subscription model available for users to access.

Addressing Changing Business Needs

Avaya is on track to address the growing and evolving needs of businesses when it comes to adding new collaboration technology to meeting spaces. The company plans to make the overall huddle experience more intelligent at a time when their popularity is growing. Already, experts predict that there are around 32 million huddle rooms around the world, though only a small percentage are currently equipped with video.

In the past, huddle room spaces haven’t received much focus from business IT teams. However, the demand for collaborative strategies is growing, thanks to geographically-distributed teams and open-space office plans. Avaya is looking for new ways to take huddle room experiences to the next level. According to Avaya’s SVP of Solutions and Technology, Chris McGugan, customers today want solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing video and UC infrastructures. They also want to use their favourite collaboration applications, and Avaya’s open architecture allows for this, along with plug-and-play simplicity.

The open approach combined with subscription model flexibility is intended to accelerate the ongoing adoption of video conferencing in all environments.

The New Avaya Huddle Room Portfolio

The new portfolio of solutions for Avaya huddle rooms include the Avaya IX Huddle Room cameras, which can be used with IX Room video solutions or connected to laptops for HD video at an exceptional price point. There’s also the Avaya IX Collaboration unit which doesn’t require any laptop connection. The collaboration hub sits atop the video screen with integrated microphones and a wide field of view feature. There’s also access to wireless content sharing from smart mobile devices, and UC platform integration. Users can share their cloud-based applications as they like using the world’s first all-in-one device to offer everything required for collaboration in the huddle space.

Avaya CU-360 New

Avaya IX CU360

The Avaya IX workspace will accelerate business performance with a single application for meetings, videos, calling, team collaboration and more. What’s more, the “Huddle as a Service” monthly subscription model will allow organisations to spend much less on their huddle room strategy going forward.

The complete collection ensures that Avaya can break through the cost barrier that has prevented smaller companies from accessing the benefits of huddle room and video environments in the past. Businesses can obtain a full huddle room experience for almost the same price that most providers charge for just their cloud connections.


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