Edify Labs Announces New Edify Huddle Platform

New cloud-native business comms platform

Edify Labs Announces New Edify Huddle Platform

One of the latest competitors in the customer experience space, Edify Labs, recently revealed its new offering, Edify Huddle – the first and only Business Communications as a Service solution, combining unified communications, real-time communications API solutions, and contact centre software in a single offering.

The Edify Huddle solution redefines the way that companies manage customer interactions and cross-team collaboration by unifying all external and internal business communications. The platform gives users the freedom to move through various channels, from chat to social media, voice, and text within a single environment. This frictionless offering for multi-channel communication means that agents can provide the kind of experiences that customers and coworkers need.

Edify’s AI engine, Hammond, also offers self-service support, customer understanding, and routes interactions to the right agent anywhere in an organisation.

A Multi-Platform Strategy for Customer Experience

The Edify Huddle offering gives companies a chance to stand out in a world where customer service is crucial to success. Companies that make it easier for customers to interact with them in the environments that suit them are the ones that stand out today. The Edify Huddle option is flexible, agile, and responsive to the needs of today’s customers. What’s more, Edify provides today’s businesses with a risk-free path to the cloud by offering the first five users at no cost forever. The modular design of the platform ensures that companies can migrate at the pace that suits them, with real-time redundancy and global availability in 12 data regions.

Edify guarantees 100% platform uptime or will pay out up to 10 times what was paid during the downtime – which makes it the highest most inclusive SLA on the market. Features of Edify Huddle include:

  • Hammond, the AI engine, taking advantage of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to comprehend customers and deliver sentiment analysis, as well as intelligent routing
  • A single software platform for the seamless management of business communications across a range of channels for both customer-facing and back-office employees
  • Drag-and-drop visual design tool which enables users to address even the most complex workflows without code.
  • True global availability in 12 data regions split across Google and Amazon infrastructure.
  • Access to full customer interaction histories throughout the interaction, and the option to send post-interaction surveys for customer feedback
  • Real-time communication APIs for video, voice, messaging and machine learning trend analysis
  • Identify coaching needs with real-time data powered with machine learning

A New Solution for Business Communications

Cameron Weeks

Cameron Weeks

According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Edify Labs, Cameron Weeks, vendors have been selling the idea of unified solutions for over decades. However, no-one has been able to deliver a truly unified experience until now. Edify is now launching a brand-new platform into the market, giving companies the chance to access all the tools they need to connect their people in the same environment. The solution also allows today’s companies to engage customers through any and every channel through a single interaction.

Bracken Fields, the CTO and Co-Founder of Edify Labs, also noted that Edify Huddle addresses the full scope and depth of the customer journey, ensuring that front-line contact centre agents have the knowledge, support, and expert back-up they need in a single-view ecosystem to deliver excellent experiences every time.


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