Kandao is Launching Ambassador Program

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

New conference room camera solutions provide an alternative to the current market offering

Kandao is Launching Ambassador Program

Now that everyone has come to terms with the hybrid working environment, the importance of audio and visual technology has increased.  

In fact, according to research from Frost and Sullivan, the worldwide market for video conferencing devices is set to reach $7.71 billion by 2025. That valuation is huge, especially considering that in 2018, just four years ago, only 2% of the 32.4 million huddle rooms around the world were video enabled.  

That growth has come with some problems, including complicated installations, exclusive technology stacks and participant fatigue. Research released last year from Virtira Consulting found that 49% of professionals reported a high degree of exhaustion after taking numerous video calls. 

Professor Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) also found that participants have to work harder to get their point across. Bailenson said “You’ve got to make sure that your head is framed within the center of the video. If you want to show someone that you are agreeing with them, you have to do an exaggerated nod or put your thumbs up. That adds cognitive load as you’re using mental calories in order to communicate.” 

Kandao are aiming to alleviate this cognitive load on participants with their conference cameras that are upgrading the conferencing experience from all aspects, no matter the quality of image, output audio, or recorded voice. The AI recognition algorithm of Kandao conference cameras automatically focuses on the active speaker in tandem with multiple conference modes to immerse users into the meeting room experience. Featuring built-in Android OS, Omni-directional audio, and Hi-Fi speakers, Kandao Meeting cameras is compact and functional enough to enable businesses to host a meeting anytime and anywhere.   

Kandao Meeting Pro are designed for medium and large meeting rooms, while Kandao Meeting S is designed for a miniature meeting room since it is more portable.  

Key features 

  • Powered by Android – Kandao Meeting Pro and Kandao Meeting S have built-in Android systems so that connecting to a PC is no longer necessary. Connecting to a screen then installing or starting a conferencing software are all the steps before starting a meeting
  • Focus on who is speaking – Featuring ultra-wide lenses and built-in AI algorithms, participants don’t need to squeeze together because no one will be left out
  • Professional-level audio system – Each Kandao Meeting product has array of powerful Hi-Fi speakers to fill the meeting room with premium and clear sound
  • Voice can be collected and recorded better- Based on the full-duplex design, everyone can contribute to the conversation in real time. Eight professional-grade microphones and intelligent algorithms achieve accurate beamforming, noise reduction and echo cancellation

Ambassador program 

To draw attention to the solutions that businesses are missing, Kandao is launching an ambassador program for the full range of conference room solutions.  

The program is designed to promote the Kandao Meeting Pro, Kandao Meeting S and Kandao Meeting and has received more than 200 applications so far. Successful applicants will receive an official certificate, be the first one to try new products for free,  and their suggestions will be considered as priority. 

Participants will also get a $50 online store coupon for Kandao Meeting products, amongst other incentives such as a panoramic vlog camera QooCam FUN, worth $169, for 10 lucky people who will be chosen each month. 

Kandao CEO, Dan Chen said “We have launched the ambassador program to bring Kandao Meeting products to the attention of the businesses who want to completely upgrade their video conferencing experience, and save hours of time for setting up before a remote meeting.  

“Globalization is the reason to make hybrid meetings become something familiar. Even under the pandemic, hybrid meetings have become part of daily life. By raising this ambassador program, we want to offer a chance to stop people from feeling distant during a hybrid meeting” 



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