Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit Review: High-Quality Video

Rebekah Carter

Exceptional Video Conferencing from Konftel

Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit Review: High-Quality Video

Video is now widely regarded one of the most popular forms of communication available, capable of providing context and insight beyond the abilities of voice. With video conferencing, we can leverage all the benefits of face-to-face conversations, like body language and facial expression, without the headache of travel. Unfortunately, video hasn’t always been the most accessible medium. 

As remote and hybrid work strategies continue to become more common, and people rely on video to maintain long-distance connections, leaders like Konftel are paving the way to a more accessible video-focused future. The Konftel C2070 video conferencing kit allows businesses of all backgrounds to access plug-and-play 4K video for any huddle to mid-sized room. 

The all-in-one package combines the Konftel Cam20 conference camera with the reliable Konftel 70 speakerphone with OmniSound audio quality. There’s also the OCC Hub from Konftel to set everything up, so all you need is a single USB cable to connect to your room’s screen. Let’s see what the Konftel C2070 kit can do.  

Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit Review: Features 

Simplicity and feature-rich performance go hand-in-hand with the Konftel C2070. This sensational video conferencing solution provides a clear, balanced image of your colleagues, so you can maintain the context and clarity in any meeting. With 4K video streaming, you don’t have to worry about any details being missed. There’s even an impressive automatic adjustment setting to enhance the quality of your picture in different lighting conditions. 

Konftel’s C2070 video conferencing kit is equipped with NFC, for instant Bluetooth pairing when you’re in a hurry to start your meetings. Software updates are free to access, and you get support for “bring your own meetings”. In other words, you can use any meeting service you’re comfortable with. Features of the Konftel C2070 include: 

  • Climate neutral certification 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Free software updates 
  • 4K camera sensor with 30FPS 
  • Automatic focus 
  • 123-degree field of view 
  • Remote control support 
  • Konftel OOC hub for connectivity 
  • Konftel 70 speakerphone with HD audio
  • OmniSound full duplex with automatic noise cancellation 
  • USB and Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • NFC pairing 
  • Beamforming microphones for better communication 
  • Bring your own meeting 

Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit Review: Benefits  

The Konftel C2070 kit is designed to provide companies with all the functionality they need for a high-quality video-first meeting in no time. The beamforming microphones capture every detail of human voice, while blocking unwanted and distracting noise. Your camera can zoom in up to 8 times digitally too, to bring more focus to the most important parts of your meeting. For companies who want high-quality meetings but don’t have the time or budget to deal with complex setup, the Konftel C2070 kit could be the ideal purchase. Benefits include: 

  • Sensational video quality: The Konftel Cam20 USB conference camera provides a balanced, clear image of your colleagues for any environment. WDR technology adjusts automatically to achieve an excellent picture in all lighting conditions – even when you’re in a dark environment. The 4K video resolution also comes with fantastic 8x digital zoom. Even when you’re zoomed all the way in, you’ll still get a wonderfully detailed image
  • Convenient setup: Ease of use is a central part of what makes the Konftel C2070 kit so special. With access to everything you need in one kit, it’s easy to start upgrading your meetings. The OCC Hub provided by Konftel also provides a one-cable connection to your speakerphone, conference camera, and screen. This means the C2070 supports bring your own computer technology to use your preferred collaboration service with nothing but a USB link
  • Fantastic sound: The four beamforming microphones included with the Konftel 70 speakerphone enables lifelike and natural conversations. The technology automatically blocks unwanted background noise and distraction, to help ensure the quality of every business discussion. You can also expect duplex audio from your contacts too, so everyone gets through each meeting with absolute clarity
  • Great for smaller meeting rooms: The Konftel C2070 is intended for huddle rooms and mid-sized meeting spaces. The wide field of view means even if the camera needs to be positioned close to the table, you can still get everyone in frame. The conference camera comes with a kit for mounting, so you can get it set up fast. There’s also the option to use your remote control to manage the device from a distance
  • Sustainability: Konftel also has a unique bonus to offer in the form of a fully climate neutral product portfolio. Certified in line with the climate Neutral standard, Konftel has offset all of its greenhouse gas emissions and is constantly working to become more climate friendly. If you want to run a greener business, Konftel can help

Who Needs The Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit? 

For companies keen to run high-quality video meetings in an ad-hoc format, the Konftel C2070 is an excellent investment. This all-in-one kit promises amazing 4K video quality with fantastic noise-cancelling sound, all without any setup hassle. You can get your team up and running with a comprehensive meeting environment in no time, minimizing the stress of great communication.  

The Konftel toolkit for huddle and mid-sized meeting rooms can even handle smaller spaces, thanks to it’s wide-angle view, to keep everyone in frame. It’s a great choice for today and tomorrow’s modern video meetings.  

Konftel C2070 Video Conferencing Kit Review: Verdict 

The Konftel C2070 video conferencing kit is a reliable and powerful solution for video conferencing in the modern world. With this all-in-one solution, companies can instantly upgrade the quality of their meetings with 4K video streaming and excellent rich audio. Because everything is designed for ease of use, you won’t have to worry about wasting IT skills on constantly setting up meetings either.  

Though surprisingly easy to use and compact, the Konftel C2070 kit still makes a big impact where it counts. You’ll have contextual, high-quality meetings with your team members, impress investors, and bring staff together like never before.  


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