Nureva Upgrades Huddle Audio with the HDL200

A new solution for small meeting spaces

Nureva Upgrades Huddle Audio with the HDL200

Award-winning provider of collaboration solutions, Nureva, recently announced the arrival of its new audio conferencing system, the HDL200. The HDL200 is the latest in a line of advanced audio systems from Nureva, designed to transform smaller meeting spaces. Although intended for small rooms, the HDL200 maintains the same amazing quality of the award-winning HDL300 for larger spaces.

To deliver the best possible audio experiences, the HDL200 is powered with the patented Nureva Microphone Mist technology, which fills the meeting space with thousands of virtual microphone, ensuring everyone is heard, no matter where they are. Unlike alternative microphone solutions, there are no dead zones with this technology. Additionally, the HDL200 includes 10 front-facing microphones for exceptional mounting flexibility.

Exploring the New HDL200

The HDL200 can be mounted above or below a display, additionally, the company kept integration with third-party peripherals in mind. Users can choose between cleverly-designed magnetic camera mounts, or display mounts. Additionally, the HDL200 also features an integrated full-colour display, intended specifically for in-room participants. The display offers access to useful information about time, volume, and more.

With plug-and-play functionality, the HDL200 is identified as a USB audio device, with no need for any additional drivers. The HDL200, like the other products in the Nureva line, highlight the growing impact of the company. Nureva has earned the attention of countless leading brands over the years, including MIT, Intel, Google, Deloitte, and VMware.

Tools like the HDL200 are designed with a close focus on customer feedback, allowing Nureva to design the unique meeting experiences that are best-suited to its audience. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for IT professionals to achieve hassle-free and consistent audio performance in all spaces.

Creating Amazing Meeting Rooms

The full Nureva product line now includes the HDL200 for small meeting rooms, the HDL300 for medium spaces, and the Dual HDL300, specifically for larger rooms. The deployment of the full Nureva line for audio conferencing tools is supported by the Nureva Console, a cloud-based platform intended to help IT staff implement and manage a variety of Nureva systems. The service includes a secure remotely-accessible dashboard. Once a system is installed with the Nureva console, customers can access an additional year of warranty.

Nureva HDL200

Nureva HDL200

According to the CEO of Nureva, Nancy Knowlton, customers are receiving significant value from the HDL300 systems, and have been asking when similar solutions can appear for the smaller meeting rooms. With the introduction of the HDL200 system, the company is thrilled to be bringing its customers a complete line of meeting tools.


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