Slack and Zoom Deepen Their Partnership

Stronger connections between Slack and Zoom

Slack and Zoom Deepen Their Partnership

Zoom, one of the global leaders in video conferencing and collaboration solutions, recently announced deeper integrations with their long-term partner, Slack. Zoom and Slack have been working together for several years now, ensuring that they can offer the highest levels of collaboration and communication functionality to end-users.

Zoom announced their first integration with Slack in 2015, responding to increasing customer demand. This integration allowed customers to simply type /zoom into a Slack channel when they wanted to start a video conference instantly. In 2017, the partnership went even further, when Zoom announced support for Slack shared channel.

Today, Slack and Zoom customers love the connection between the two brands, with over 10,000 teams using the integration each month. At Slack Frontiers, Stewart Butterfield, Slack CEO and Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO, announced a host of new integrations for the future of Slack and Zoom.

New Connections Between Slack and Zoom

Slack Frontiers was an opportunity for Slack and Zoom to discuss how they’re improving the next generation of unified communications for end-users. This includes an introduction to handy new features like in-depth calendar integrations and access to the upcoming Zoom Phone service. These updates will allow Slack and Zoom users to spend less time worrying about their apps, and more time getting things done.

Some of the upcoming updates include:

  • Smart calendar integrations: Slack’s access to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar already offer a feature that allows users to join a Zoom meeting at the click of a button. Both of these apps will now notify users in Slack when meetings are pending. For meetings with a Zoom link, there’s a simple button available so you can join a conference direct from Slack
  • Zoom Phone access: If you want to connect with someone quickly through a voice call, you can with the upcoming Zoom Phone integration. This feature will allow users to make calls to the Slack contacts over WiFi or cell data connections. Just pull up the Slack profile of the person you want to reach and click on their phone number
  • Manage Zoom Meetings in Slack: The next version of the Slack and Zoom integration will also give users greater context over their team meetings and discussions. You can launch a Zoom meeting from Slack easily by typing /zoom. Additionally, you’ll also be able to see meeting details before joining the call too. You can even ask your Slack administrator to change the settings of your workspace phone icon. This means that whenever you tap the phone icon in Slack, a Zoom conference will begin

Collaborating for the Next Generation

Slack and Zoom are thrilled to be working together in the months and years to come, to create a next-generation portfolio of tools for workplace collaboration.

Going forward, we’re excited to see the next integrations and updates that Zoom will bring to the collaboration space.


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