Synacor Announces Expanding Zimbra Success

Synacor wins hundreds of new Zimbra deals in Q2

Synacor Announces Expanding Zimbra Success

Synacor Inc., the provider behind Zimbra Email and Collaboration, recently announced that their state-of-the-art platform had achieved incredible success over the last quarter. During fiscal Q2 of 2019, the Zimbra email and collaboration platform added more than 100 new customers to its ranks, while expanding deals with over 220 existing clients. Customer wins included clients from various sectors, including utilities, governments, universities, businesses, and service providers across the globe.

According to Synacor, the growing success of their platform comes from a growing demand for data security and privacy, as well as data sovereignty, cost-efficiencies, and scale. Zimbra delivers all of these benefits in a robust solution that provides ongoing flexibility for its customers.

Helping the Zimbra Platform to Grow

Marcus Teo

Marcus Teo

The Zimbra email and collaboration platform include access to calendar features, tasks, instant messaging, file sharing, and more. There’s even the option to add in features like document creation, video conferencing and file storage. According to the SVP of Enterprise Marketing and Sales for Synacor, Marcus Teo, Zimbra is currently building on a robust global reputation of combining core functionalities with next-gen strategies for collaboration and communication.

As new customers continue to find their way onto the Zimbra platform, the company takes their feedback as an opportunity to expand and enhance Zimbra’s functionality. Today, the company is making significant progress towards its goal of establishing Zimbra as a leading business enabler in the current marketplace.

New Customers in the Zimbra Platform

The Zimbra platform currently powers hundreds of millions of inboxes across more than 140 countries. It’s also offered through over 2,000 channel partners and 500 business service providers. In Quarter 2 of this year, Zimbra was either expanded or embraced by a wide range of diverse organisations, including the Asia United Bank corporation – a financial institution in the Philippines with over 250 branches. The company noted that Zimbra’s functionality and low cost of ownership was critical to its business.

Zimbra was also rolled out by various other companies in Q2, including a public broadcasting business in Spain, a municipality in Poland, and the EKBO church in Germany – which serves over 1 million members across 1,700 parishes.

Part of the reason for Synacor’s increased traction with the Zimbra cloud-based solution in quarter 2 was the expansion and upgrade of its strategic partnership with PenTeleData. Synacor also announced that it had expanded its reseller relationship with the AXTi company in the last quarter, which helped with rolling the technology out to new customers and channel partners worldwide. Also introduced in Q2 was the newly updated version of Zimbra 8.8.15, which includes enhancements to the Zimbra product for group chat, video calls, file sharing, screen sharing and 1:1 conferencing, Zimbra Connect.


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