BlueJeans Unveil Their New Integration with Workplace by Facebook

Workplace users can now access BlueJeans

BlueJeans Unveil Their New Integration with Workplace by Facebook

BlueJeans, the meetings platform designed to connect mobile devices, desktops and room services into a unified experience, recently announced a new integration with Workplace by Facebook. This company, known for its creative approach to connecting thousands of companies around the world, hopes that its latest integration with Facebook will give people a new way to launch meetings.

Any Workplace user will be able to launch a meeting on the BlueJeans system by adding @BlueJeans into the chat. This ensures that users can have the flexibility of their Workplace by Facebook chat experience, combined with the efficiency of a face-to-face collaborative communication. For John Knightly, the SVP of Solution and Product Marketing at BlueJeans, Chat is one of the most critical features of Workplace, and now, it’s becoming even more valuable. Employees will no longer have to worry about answering questions with complex explanations through chat. They can instantly toggle from chat to conversation without killing the flow.

Seamless Unified Communications with BlueJeans

When users on Workplace want to tap into the benefits of a BlueJeans meeting experience, all they need to do is type a quick @BlueJeans mention into their chat window. The trigger allows teams and individuals to launch simple yet effective video meetings from any Workplace message, with no need to download extra software or switch tools. This makes it much easier for people in the enterprise to enjoy a single pane of glass approach to communication and collaboration.

Workplace users can also access bot support through the Chat Extensions feature. Once they’ve installed the integration across the enterprise, users can invite multiple parties and individuals into meetings and share screen information just as they would in a standard BlueJeans meeting. The new configuration with the @BlueJeans command is designed to save today’s employees time and complexity when they need to meet with their peers.

Keeping the Team Connected

John Knightly SVP Bluejeans

John Knightly, the SVP of Solution and Product Marketing at BlueJeans

In a world where communication is changing at a rapid pace, BlueJeans is attempting to ensure a rich collaborative experience for users, regardless of where they choose to connect with colleagues. By integrating into the Workplace by Facebook app with a simple @BlueJeans command, the company is building successfully upon the existing integration they had with Facebook, which allows modern teams to connect through interactive video meetings for better engagement and collaboration.

The BlueJeans and Workplace collaboration also means that today’s experts can share valuable content through Workplace, design and showcase presentations, and broadcast events regardless of their device or location. Conversations and content are easy to find through the BlueJeans system, and users can access Workplace as their ultimate solution for team meetings and collaborations so that there’s less time wasted on switching between enterprise tools.

A free trial of Workplace by Facebook with BlueJeans integration is now available here.

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