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Cisco Scrap Spark for Webex Teams

Cisco have revealed that their Spark Collaboration Platform will be rebranded and will become Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Scrap Spark for Webex Teams

Cisco’s 2018 Collaboration Summit, taking place at the moment in Phoenix, Arizona, has provided the platform for Cisco to announce some breaking news. In a press release Cisco have revealed that Cisco Spark will be rebranded as Cisco Webex Teams.

Introducing Webex Teams

Many within the industry maybe surprised that Cisco have again looked to remould Spark after it was only fashioned in 2015, having been formerly called Project Squared. However it appears that within Cisco and their partner community concerns had been raised about success of Spark establishing itself as a renowned player within the market. It appears that with this new name Cisco are aiming to build on the already well-established Webex brand.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco Spark versus Webex Teams?

Brand awareness within the UC&C market is a critical factor and partners having been communicating reservations to Cisco about the general awareness of what the Cisco Spark platform was and how it sat within their product portfolio.

Danny Steventon, who is a Director of Pre-sales at MeetingZone explained.

“I go out to customers and nine times out of ten, I ask have you heard of Spark? And the answer is ‘no, I haven’t what’s Spark? Whereas when you ask have you heard of Webex, they will absolutely know it.”

Webex will now form a single cloud platform which will encompass the entire Cisco Collaboration Suite: Cisco Webex Calling, Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, formerly Cisco Spark. The three pillars aim to encompass the entire eco-systems of services that Cisco make available to their customers for communication and collaboration.

Cisco are wasting no time following the announcement made today as rebranding kits will be made available to partners before the end of this month. A new Webex Meeting experience will also be incorporated into Webex Teams and will be rolled out within the next six weeks. New features will become available with connected device use and part and full recording enabled to any users within the meetings on Webex Teams.

Spark devices and hardware will now be compatible with Webex Teams. So customers who leveraged investments in Spark products will be able to continue to use these within the new platform.

Cisco maintain that the newly reformed eco-system will ensure benefits for customers and partners enabling a more globally recognised brand such as Webex to gain more traction within an already crowded marketplace. The similarity to Microsoft Teams will not go unnoticed but perhaps a more straight forward name will more easily illuminate the role of Webex Teams within Cisco’s product set.

Sparks are Flying

Mixed opinion around the UC Today news desk today, what’s your view? Was Spark ahead of its time? Is the Webex brand past its sell-by date or should it live on forever? Comment Below

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AvatarRoger 03:04, 25 Apr 2018

Skype is so screwed up. I can not set an account – they say they want a number from my email but when i go to my email the gdam skype app is closed and i have to start all over again. Its a vicious endless cycle. f the bastards!

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AvatarStephen Neil 10:04, 19 Apr 2018

Spark as a name is very positive, forward thinking and innovative sounding. Maybe it’s not relevant enough to the product and the connection is too abstract to be memorable as a product rather than a concept or an idea. Having no prior awareness of WebEx I can be objective about that brand too, for me it definitely sounds more techy and less likely to make sense to young end users but I can see how incumbent IT managers will enjoy sounding clever saying it and seeing peoples eyes glaze over. It’s great if you know or understand WebEx already but doesn’t stand out for me as WebEx Teams especially as they’ve lazily pinched the idea from other vendors. WebEx Kollab or something equally edgy would have ticked both boxes for me.

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  • AvatarPatrick Watson 04:04, 18 Apr 2018

    That’s one I hadn’t thought of, Team-One is great name!

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AvatarJason Wynn 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

I love how it was predicted 4 days ago on this website: https://www.thegopherfiles.com/cisco-to-rebrand-spark-as-webex-teams-others-follow-suit/

I thought it was fake news, me of little faith! Well done to the team for guessing that one.

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  • AvatarRob Scott 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

    Everywhere on Cisco.com ‘WebEx’ is spelt like we have spelt it. Only in the logo is it lower-case.

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AvatarRob Scott 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

I didn’t see that coming. Given that Cisco have just acquired BroadSoft I suspected some brand changes coming up, but not to Cisco Spark!

I love the Cisco Spark brand name – I’m sure most millennials do also. WebEx sounds like Spark’s Dad.

Why Teams? Don’t we already have a Teams platform by our friends at Microsoft?

It’s not like we haven’t seen brand changes before in the Technology sector – I just hope this one is a positive move for Cisco and doesn’t de-value it’s proposition against it’s biggest competitor.

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AvatarIan Taylor 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

I don’t like the new name. What does WebEx say? It says Webinars to me.

Why not use BroadSoft’s Team-One? Could have been a chance for some collaboration between the two platforms…

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AvatarLaura 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

Your logos are off. Also, it’s Webex not WebEx.

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AvatarDominic Kent 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

Didn’t see that one coming! Makes total sense though…

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AvatarLoryan Strant 03:04, 18 Apr 2018

It’s a bit confusing as Microsoft already has a product called Teams, now Cisco/Webex is joining the party. Looks like everyone else is too: https://www.thegopherfiles.com/cisco-to-rebrand-spark-as-webex-teams-others-follow-suit/

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AvatarCurt Palmer 02:04, 18 Apr 2018

Webex is a great brand name and its good for Cisco to rebrand Spark back under the Webex product suite. Every vendor does this in some form or another at some time. Microsoft has done it many times. LCS–OCS–Lync–Skype for Business–Teams

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