Face Off! Cisco Spark vs Microsoft Teams

The collaboration giants do battle as we ask an expert in each field to discuss and debate the benefits and differences between the platforms

Face Off! Cisco Spark vs Microsoft Teams

Arguably the two biggest collaboration platforms on the planet are Microsoft Teams and Cisco Spark (re-branded Cisco webex teams in April 2018). We decided it was time for an evaluation of the two proposals. Out Loud brings you debate from two expert guests who will provide contrasting viewpoints from both perspectives. We discuss the history of both Spark and Teams and then compare and contrast their respective features.

Out Loud are joined by Cisco Spark expert, Danny Steventon, who is a Director of Pre-sales at MeetingZone and our usual Microsoft expert Tom Arbuthnot from Modality Systems.

Tom Arbuthnot and Danny Steventon, Out Loud

Tom Arbuthnot, left ,& Danny Steventon, right

Tom and Danny both give us a brief overview of each collaboration platform and we try to confirm the numbers in terms of user uptake but it appears that is difficult to quantify for either platform. We then look at that packages and pricing that is available for each product to try and get an understanding the value proposition of each. Then it’s time to look at the features of each platform to try and identify where they compare to each other in terms of user tools.

Finally we try to agree on a conclusion that we can draw, is one better than the other or are these two giant platforms better off concentrating more on interoperability?

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guests Tom Arbuthnot and Danny Steventon.

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