Introducing NextPlane Federation for Microsoft Teams

NextPlane reveal new federation services for Microsoft Teams

Introducing NextPlane Federation for Microsoft Teams

Industry leader in interoperability and federation services, NextPlane, recently announced the arrival of new federation capabilities for Microsoft Teams. The solution will extend the interoperability and federation opportunities within Microsoft Teams to over 20 different collaboration solutions.

The 750,000 daily active users on ConverseCloud will now be able to federate with over 500,000 organisations via Microsoft Teams. What’s more, Microsoft Teams organisations will have the option to use Converse Cloud for interoperability with external or internal domains in the UC environment. NextPlane will be delivering tiered versions of universal federation and interoperability service levels for the Microsoft Teams environment.

At a basic level, the federation service will give today’s companies the power to link presence and chat functionality between Teams and other platforms.

The Premium Option for NextPlane Federation

NextPlane will also be offering a premium level of their ConverseCloud solution for Microsoft Teams. This will give users the option to tap into all of the essential features of Teams, from status to presence, sharing collaboration experiences inside and outside of the enterprise. The premium service will also allow other users on external collaboration solutions to collaborate seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams environment through a secure hub.

Whether you opt for Basic or Premium federation from NextPlane, the secure management portal will ensure that you have everything you need to connect various platforms used within the same space. The management platform provides extensive analytics and insights, including graphs and charts that outline the number of unique messages exchanged, users, and more.

Unlike the other solutions for interoperability on the market today, ConverseCloud acts as a hub for federation and interoperability between the TC and UC platforms, ensuring that the necessary API and protocol translations can be managed. This means that all essential functionality of Microsoft Teams is available on any platform.

Opening the Door to Microsoft Teams

According to the CEO of NextPlane, Farzin Shahidi, this new feature is an essential solution as more large-scale enterprises migrate from their legacy tools into the world of Team collaboration. Microsoft Teams is currently one of the most popular collaboration solutions for teams on the market. NextPlane’s decision to implement federation support for the Microsoft Teams environment means that its customers will be able to access seamless and secure collaborative experiences between their Microsoft Teams hub and more than 20 UC platforms.

The consistent growth of team collaboration solutions, ranging from Slack to Cisco Webex Teams has created an increasing need for federation solutions in companies around the world. This is particularly true now that most large-scale companies rely on multiple team collaboration tools at once. Intercompany collaboration has never been more critical.

Shahidi noted in a press release that CIOs and leaders in companies worldwide have a new responsibility to ensure that crucial business communication and collaboration can “flow freely.” With so many platforms available to use in the modern environment, it’s essential to ensure that conversations are connected, secure, and free from the silos that come with disparate platforms.

NextPlane plans to continue expanding its Team Collaboration offerings for federation throughout 2019 with a range of additional product announcements to come.


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