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Introducing the New Team Messaging Solution from 8×8

Team Messaging is now part of the 8x8 X Series

Introducing the New Team Messaging Solution from 8×8

8×8, a leading provider of cloud-based voice, collaboration, video and contact centre solutions, recently announced that they are taking their X Series solution to the next level with Team Messaging. 8×8 believes that this new addition to their portfolio will give them the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based communications app, combining everything today’s businesses need to thrive.

According to the Chief Product Officer of 8×8, Dejan Deklich, most of the messaging solutions available today just can’t scale across an entire enterprise or facilitate genuinely compliant and secure collaboration for modern organisations. The 8×8 X Series portfolio with Team Messaging is intended to help companies standardise all their communication and collaboration needs through a single cloud platform. 8×8 believes that the new solution will help staff to make the most of every moment of engagement with partners and customers alike.

What to Expect from 8×8 Team Messaging

Already, 8×8 customers have begun to recognise the benefits of the new Team Messaging solution in X Series. According to the Service Manager for the SCA Appraisal Company, Jose Hermida, 8×8 provides today’s businesses with a single application for their voice, messaging, and meeting solutions, allowing employees to communicate more efficiently from any device, at any time. 8×8 Team Messaging includes features like:

  • Private Rooms for sensitive conversations: When you want to keep conversations private, 8×8 Team Messaging allows for the creation of Intimate rooms specifically for select audiences. These rooms are ideal for sharing confidential data among IT, finance, human resources, and legal teams
  • Automated deployment: 8×8 wants to make sure that adoption is as easy as possible for their new X Series solution. The 8×8 Team Messaging system is perfect for enterprise-wide deployments, as it eliminates the need to manually add users. Additionally, the answer ties in with your existing business directory, so it’s available throughout the entire enterprise
  • Public rooms for cross-organisation and cross-department conversations: Sometimes you’ll need space for more public discussions in your organisation. Public places in the 8×8 Team Messaging solution are designed to ensure reliable communication between small and large teams within any enterprise. What’s more, business partners outside of the organisation can also get involved with 8×8 SameRoom
  • Searchable Archives for Retaining and Capturing Knowledge: The Public Rooms that you create in 8×8 Team Messaging are idea for developing searchable archives of crucial industry knowledge for compliance, customer support, and training purposes. There’s even an internal social graph that demonstrates who has the right expertise in your team so that employees can make quick decisions about who they need help from

On top of all that, 8×8 is also supporting the driving demand for a more customisable communication and collaboration experience by enhancing interoperability within the X Series. The 8×8 Team Messaging solution has native SameRoom integration, which means that you’ll be able to tap into seamless interoperability throughout 23 third-party platforms for team messaging, including Google Hangouts, Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and more. This ensures collaboration with customers and partners is simple, using a range of messaging apps.

Providing the Ultimate Platform for Communication and Collaboration

The business communication environment is continually evolving. With collaboration and communication at the heart of success for any enterprise, today’s organisations need to find a more streamlined and reliable way of keeping their people connected. Collaboration tools have become a standard component in the business world, but companies often struggle to deliver true efficiency to the workforce when they’re contending with multiple applications at once.

8×8 has added Team Messaging to their X Series to ensure that today’s companies can have all the various tools they need within a single place, easing time to resolution, and improving productivity. The now comprehensive X Series provides a tightly-integrated solution for video conferencing, calling, collaboration, and more so that teams can collaborate in the way that best suits them, without switching between multiple tools.

8×8 Team Messaging is just one of the critical elements of the increasingly popular X Series portfolio, designed to give businesses the resources required to transform employee and customer experience with a single system of engagement across video, voice, collaboration and contact centre environments. With the X Series, companies can exceed customer expectations, and empower their teams to achieve the best possible results in and outside of the office.

Have you used X Series from 8×8? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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