Microsoft Announces New Platform Enhancements

The latest updates from Build 2019

Microsoft Announces New Platform Enhancements

The Build developer conference for Microsoft Teams ran on the first week of May this year, attracting the interest of developers worldwide. Microsoft was keen to build on the ongoing growth and momentum of their Teams collaboration platform, which has continued to attract increasing popularity over the last year.

At Enterprise Connect, Microsoft Announced that Teams is used by more than 500,000 organisations around the world, including 91 of the Fortune 100.

Regular contibutor and friend of  UC Today; Tom Arbuthnot of Modality Systems, recently discussed the updates announced at the Build event this year on his blog, “Tom Talks,” highlighting some of the solutions that will soon be available in either full or preview mode in the coming months.

The Latest Platform Capabilities

Tom Arbuthnot Modality Systems

Tom Arbuthnot

In the months to come, Microsoft will be introducing a range of new platform capabilities to Microsoft Teams developers, including message actions, and link unfurling. Some of the most exciting updates include a range of more immersive ways to use chatbots, including as a partner in your one-to-one private chats.

Microsoft will also be offering a “Share to Teams” feature and a solution that allows users to reach their colleagues on mobile devices. There will also be upcoming tab improvements, and a simplified authentication solution for the Azure Active Directory apps, delivered through secure single sign-on.

New APIs for Microsoft Graph and Updated App Lifecycle

The Build developer conference also revealed the emergence of upcoming Teams APIs for Microsoft Graphs, which will help companies to manage shifts for their front-line workers, and access organizational messages. Microsoft also promised upcoming improvements for the ways that developers will be able to automate teamwork.

For the application lifecycle part of the developer experience, Microsoft Teams is delivering a new partner centre integration and solutions that will allow developers to design unique offers and app-purchasing opportunities. Additionally, app distribution will see an upgrade going forward too, with end-user app pinning, and unique app sett up policies.

Developers will also have access to end-user app access policies. The policy will let you control who in your organisation will be able to interact with specific integrations and apps.

What Else is New for Microsoft Developers

New Microsoft Teams LogoAnother recent update from Microsoft is the delivery of their App certification pilot. According to Microsoft, they want to make it easier for security and IT teams to review apps before implementing them into the workplace. The app certification program will help with gathering and analysing partner app information in relation to security, compliance, and data handling.

On top of that, developers will have access to a range of reusable app templates with low coding features, and a host of updated developer documentation and training solutions.

You can find out more about the recent changes to the developer experience with Microsoft Teams here.


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