Microsoft Teams is Getting a New Outlook Integration

What will this Outlook integration mean for you?

Microsoft Teams is Getting a New Outlook Integration

Microsoft Teams, easily one of the most popular collaboration tools on the market, will soon receive an update to enable Outlook integration within the service. This could be an incredibly useful update for business users, specifically when they’re conducting internal meetings. Currently, the feature is still in development, but it should be available to users soon, well, this year anyway.

According to an update on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the Outlook integration will allow users to send copies of conversations and email messages, including their attachments to channels and chats on Teams. Users can also start a chat with a specific email message. When sharing to Teams from Outlook, popup windows will appear to confirm which person or channel you want to share the content with, and you can also select if you want to include attachments.

New Productivity for Teams

Tools like Microsoft Teams have gained massive attention and popularity in a world where employees need to stay connected outside of the office. However, there are still companies facing challenges with their switch to remote working landscapes. For those still using email, the Outlook integration will make it easier to continue collaborating.

This is just one impending update in a series of changes that Microsoft is making to its Teams environment to boost productivity. Microsoft has been working hard to maintain its position as the leading collaboration tool and UCaaS solution for many modern companies. One of the things that makes Microsoft so compelling is its ability to take the feedback of users into account.

The market sector has become more competitive lately, of course, with virtually every vendor seeing a massive boost in the number of users available. In addition to the Outlook integration on the horizon, Microsoft has also announced new optimisations for mobile apps, and stronger Microsoft Teams Phones features too.

Supporting All Kinds of Work

As the move to remote and digital working continues to grow in the months and years following the pandemic, there’s no doubt that companies will continue to rely on services like Microsoft Teams. However, during this initial transition stage, all organisations need to be able to access a simple way of moving to the new landscape. The arrival of new features like this Outlook integration on Microsoft Teams will make a huge difference to companies that would otherwise struggle to make the move to remote work.

Crucially, the Outlook integration will ensure that employees with different styles of working, and those from different generations can continue to work together seamlessly.


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