Microsoft Teams Platform Launched by Conversant

Rebekah Carter

New Microsoft Voice for Teams platform

Microsoft Teams Conversant Voice

Specialists in Unified Communications solutions, Conversant Technology, is now launching a new platform to support Microsoft Teams users through their cloud technology. Users with Microsoft Teams on the Conversant Technology platform will be able to replace their phone system entirely and use Microsoft Teams exclusively for external and internal communications.

The recently introduced platform named “Microsoft Voice for Teams” by Conversant is designed to help users streamline their communication strategy and simplify their infrastructure. With the updated platform experience, companies will no longer have to rely on a separate phone system to accompany their Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration strategy. Instead, Conversant users can access the tools they need through their Office 365 license, and the cloud.

Streamlined Business Communications

With the introduction of a cloud-based voice strategy, Conversant Technologies are giving their customers the option to benefit from a single platform for all their external and internal communications. Through the cloud environment, users will have the opportunity to receive and making calls worldwide from their extension, all while they’re still inside of their Microsoft Teams hub.

Microsoft telecom providers and Partners alike will now be able to access the technology that’s most important to them, without having to invest in additional infrastructure. All they’ll need to do is add Conversant to their portfolio to update their revenue stream.

In press releases about the upcoming technology, Conversant state that their easy-to-access and fully-managed formula makes the platform ideal for customers who want to simplify communications.

Embracing the Conversant Model

Conversant Technology director Patrick Copping noted that the business model Conversant uses is straightforward. Partners can access carrier-grade platforms, while Conversant offers the benefits associated with in-depth experience of the Microsoft Voice marketplace. The company believes that it is leading the way to more comprehensive collaboration experiences within Microsoft Teams.

Recently, Conversant achieved a £500,000 investment deal to help them accelerate the growth of their new platform, and they believe that this new solution for Microsoft Teams will accelerate their path to an international sales goal. The Conversant Voice for Microsoft Teams platform is currently available around the world, released after months of stringent testing.

Conversant suggests that the service is best-suited to SMEs, but that it can also support customers with more than 2,000 users.


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