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Out Loud: Are you Ready for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business? With Modality Systems

Listen to our Microsoft podcast where we examine the Modality Systems Impact Assessment for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Out Loud: Are you Ready for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business? With Modality Systems

Patrick is joined by expert guest, Justin Morris, who is Australia Country Manager & VP APAC for Modality Systems.

Firstly Justin explains what the basic reasoning behind Modality developing the Impact assessment is. With Modality’s huge experience of deploying Skype for Business and Teams, they are fully aware of what’s required in terms of network performance.

“Do you think that your network is ready? Or do you actually know?”

Justin Morris, Modality Systems

Justin Morris, Modality Systems

Deploying Skype for Business or Teams is a complex project and Justin explains the multiple factors that can affect deployment right through from overall network efficacy to the peripheral devices operated by users. After an initial deployment, use of the features and function of the platforms can dramatically increase as users better understand the capability so ensuring the network as a whole is ready for this is critical.

Justin then explains what the Impact Assessment involves from a logistical perspective. Modality deploy devices onto customer networks, in the locations required, to actively monitor the whole network over a full 30 days. At the end of the assessment period Modality then visualise the findings for the customer.

Justin also explains that their monitoring tools differ massively from the general network test that other providers might run. They have the unique ability to replicate the Skype codec to ensure they get a fully accurate, real world visualisation of how the platform would perform on a customer network.

“If you had run a normal VoIP test to load up the network, you could be somewhat confident that you had ticked the box to say yes we have done a test for voice. But you wouldn’t really be able to put hand on heart and say we have tested it exactly to how Skype or Teams is going to behave on our network.”

Finally Justin explains some of the positive results they have already had with the Impact Assessment in the real world. For more information you can visit the Modality Systems website for more details.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Justin Morris.


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