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Out Loud: Mio Scoop Collaboration Innovation Award

Mio, the collaboration unification specialists, take the award in Innovation for Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019

Out Loud: Mio Scoop Collaboration Innovation Award

Patrick was joined by special guest Tom Hadfield, who is CEO at Mio.

Firstly Patrick asks Tom to explain the concept behind Mio. Tom explains that Mio is focused on enterprise messaging interoperability, enabling organisations to link different collaboration platforms together.

“We basically make Microsoft Teams, Slack and Webex Teams fully interoperable – We enable them to talk to each other.”

Tom tells Patrick that having too many collaboration applications in use has been an issue for enterprise organisations for quite a while. There are often different teams within any organisation that use different applications and this can lead to silos along with the issue of shadow IT.

In terms of logistics, Tom explains how Mio works and that the application be downloaded through the various collaboration app libraries and then be used as a link between the platforms, enabling user to choose their preferred option as the primary hub.

“It’s a little bit like choosing your preferred web browser. Do you want to make Chrome your default web browser, do you want to make Slack your default messaging app?”

Tom gives Patrick a bit more of the background and history behind Mio which provides insight into their current position in the market. The progression in terms of mature APIs now enables Mio to offer this kind of solution which might not have been possible traditionally.

Tom Hadfield, Out Loud

Tom Hadfield, Mio

Finally Patrick asks Tom for his reaction to the award win and how that has impacted their attendance at this year’s Enterprise Connect event.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Tom Hadfield from Mio.

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Dominic KentDominic Kent 09:41, 21 Mar 2019

Glad you guys found time to hook up!

Love this from Patrick: “Slack is hiding somewhere!”

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