Out Loud: Wire – The World’s Most Secure Collaboration Platform

We look at the security of collaboration with arguably the world's most secure collaboration platform, Wire

Out Loud: Wire – The World’s Most Secure Collaboration Platform

Patrick was joined by expert Morten Brogger who is the CEO of Wire.

Morten explains to Patrick a bit of the background of security within collaboration. He also details the problems that organisations are facing with the rise of shadow IT applications.

“It (shadow IT) is a reaction to a frustration you have, because you do not have a tool to solve that exact problem for you, available from the company. So that is why you default into the consumer applications.”

The problem of shadow IT (using applications not provided by or sanctioned by the employer) has existed for a number of years and Morten believes many enterprises and business have been turning a blind eye to the problem. In many cases this can lead to breeches of security or compliance protocol and now many companies ban all employees from using consumer applications for exactly those reasons.

Patrick and Morten discuss how widespread the problem of shadow IT might be and how organisations can try to solve and rectify this. Morten explains that providing employees with suitable tools is the best way to negate the issue.

The rise of cybercrime is a huge factor also, although not massively prevalent within collaboration tools, its threat is increasing.

“Insuring yourself or your company against a cyberattack is the fastest-growing insurance market globally. Which tells me, if the CEO’s and the CFO’s of the companies are spending money to insure themselves against something, this means they actually expected to happen.”

Out Loud Morten Brogger, Wire

Morten Brogger, CEO of Wire

Morten and Patrick discuss some of the most effective and costly attacks that have hit organisations from all sectors across Europe. The problem is even more costly in SMB environments with many affected going out of business as a direct result of attack.

Morten then goes on to explain how Wire can avoid these issues buy provisioning an incredibly secure collaboration platform with privacy at the heart of its ethos. They have engineered entirely new encryption methods to secure the platform end to end.

Fascinatingly, Morten also discusses the future of security threats and the idea that providers of platforms needs to be planning against the threats of the future, now. As quantum computing develops current encryption methods may not be sufficient, so providers need to be planning ahead as they already have with Wire.

“We proudly claim that we are the most secure collaboration and communication tool for work, and we intend to keep it that way.”

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Morten Brogger.

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