Questback Releases Qubie 2.0 for Microsoft Teams

Helping teams to collaborate more efficiently

Questback Releases Qubie 2.0 for Microsoft Teams

Earlier this year, global leader in enterprise feedback management, Questback, released their “Qubie” offering for Microsoft Teams. The app allows teams to collaborate more efficiently with enhanced features and tools. This month, Questback announced the release of the latest version of Qubie, which has already amassed thousands of users across more than 25 countries.

Growing at a rate of 21% month over month, Qubie has proven itself as a valuable addition to Microsoft Teams. The app places useful team insights into the hands of people within Microsoft Teams. Questback believes that measuring feedback through teams will allow businesses to use and analyse input more effectively from their employees. Qubie ensures that companies can cultivate higher levels of employee engagement and performance, by equipping teams with weekly and targeted insights into the behaviours that may be holding them back.

Supporting the Evolving Work Environment

Director of the Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft, Mike Ammerlaan, noted that the current workplace is evolving at a rapid pace, making collaboration crucial to the modern business. Qubie provides a useful alternative to traditional modes of gathering feedback and insights. Microsoft Teams customers can use this app to gain essential insights into how they’re performing as a team.

Following the reveal of the new 2.0 version of Qubie, Ammerlaan said that Microsoft is pleased to be continuing its work with Questback as the company continues to provide advanced solutions for the Teams ecosystem. The Qubie app can engage team members on a 1-to-1 basis, asking crucial questions to accurately build a picture of the team’s effectiveness.

The AI-powered app learns which areas it needs to talk to the team about based on their feedback. Additionally, Qubie also automatically reports back to the team, showing them where they need to improve, along with recommendations on how to improve.

What’s New from Qubie 2.0?

The Qubie 2.0 app for Microsoft Teams meets the growing demand for stronger communication and collaboration in the evolving and agile workplace. The second release of the app showcases new functionality like:

  • Welcome Cards which offer a quick overview of the Qubie app’s functionality and purpose for new users
  • Weekly team Check-in enhancements to offer another layer of understanding into how the team is performing. The new layer analyses what is and isn’t working for a team, and covers things like individual projects, resources, teamwork, leadership, and workload
  • Customisable content backs that offer users the chance to determine what’s most important to their KPIs and role. Qubie can now be set up to ask any question during post-meeting evaluations, project-based performance evaluations, and more
  • Multi-team and admin panel capabilities: Qubie 2.0 also features a new admin panel, which delivers greater control and customisation for business leaders. There’s also support for multi-team feedback so questions can be set on a per-team basis, and survey fatigue may be minimised

The Vice President of Cloud and Ecosystems at Questback, Audun Stuland, said that the future of feedback will need to be integrated and embedded into our everyday experiences. Qubie provides an impressive way of collecting employee insights inside of Microsoft Teams, offering better employee and customer value. Measuring feedback through Teams also allows companies to analyse input from employees at a faster rate, accessing insights to cultivate better engagement and performance.


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